Final Fantasy 16 Will Be PlayStation 5-Exclusive for 6 Months

Sony confirms that upcoming Final Fantasy XVI will be exclusive to PlayStation 5 consoles for six months since summer 2023 launch.

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Final Fantasy XVI Will Be PlayStation 5-Exclusive for 6 Months

Nearing final stage of development, upcoming action role-playing game Final Fantasy XVI from developer/publisher Square Enix was originally announced during PlayStation 5 Reveal Event in mid-2020 and is expected to arrive by next year.

Square Enix promised to reveal a release date soon and is currently working on a free demo for fans to experience it early. Meanwhile, a recent Sony advert officially reveals that Final Fantasy 16 will be timed exclusive to PS5 for six months.

A newly revealed marketing video briefly highlighting upcoming PlayStation 5 games confirmed a six months exclusivity of Final Fantasy XVI. Following a summer 2023 release, FFXVI may head to other platforms when timed exclusivity ends.

Although nothing is officially clarified, a PC version of Final Fantasy 16 is possibly releasing later in 2024. Square Enix has only announced FF16 for PlayStation 5 consoles and latest video didn't specify timed exclusivity for condole or even PC.

Sony shares a new marketing video confirming PlayStation 5-exclusivity of Final Fantasy XVI for six months.

Other franchise titles like Final Fantasy VII Remake: Intergrade eventually came to PC platform after a while. Its original 12-month PlayStation-exclusivity period was extended for another six months with launch of PS5 version in June 2021.

Final Fantasy XVI reveal trailer accidentally mentions a PC version back in 2020 but Square Enix has removed it from later versions. PC release of FFXVI seems a lot more likely than a potential Xbox debut of most recent mainline series entry.
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