Bloodborne PC Port Won't Be Difficult, According to Modder

Reputable modder Lance McDonald claims that a PC port for Bloodborne wouldn't be much difficult after all.

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Bloodborne PC Port Won't Be Difficult, According to Modder

Old-school fans of Soulsborne genre are waiting for a remaster or remake of widely-acclaimed 2015 action role-playing game Bloodborne by developer From Software since long and there is no strong evidence of it happening very soon.

Whenever it comes to From Software developing a PC port of Bloodborne, many people usually assume that it would be very difficult task. However, a known modder recently claimed that PC and PlayStation 5 version will be much easier.

Shortly after industry insider Jeff Grubb reported that Bloodborne PC port will be quite difficult for anyone other than From Software to develop, modder Lance McDonald took social media in response to such claims by sharing new detail.

Grubb basically suggested that Bloodborne code is a little bit spaghetti and messed up now for anyone except From Software to fix and since they are very busy now, that isn't happening very soon but McDonald wasn't convinced just yet.

Bloodborne modder Lance McDonald states how there is zero barrier for Sony to release a PC or PS5 port.

He disagreed on From Software's code being messy, wondering where did that idea came from. McDonald added that there are no technical barriers for Bloodborne to receive a PC/60 FPS PS5 port/re-release or whatsoever without hassle.

He also claims that Japan Studio had a build of Bloodborne running on Windows 7 and he saw it first-hand. McDonald believes that Bloodborne project, which could be a PC port, PS5 remaster, a remake or a sequel is coming in near future.

Grubb then admitted that whenever he is asked about Bloodborne, he ends up speculating and these words travel to everywhere. Whether or not it's a technical barrier, he only knows that it would be very hard to do it without FromSoft.

Bloodborne modder Lance McDonald replied back to Jeff Grubb, telling him not to worry about it at all. He pointed out that only 2 lines of code needs to change to run it at 60 FPS or on newer consoles that Sony can do it without any help.
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