Dead Island 2 Character Overview

Dambuster Studios and Deep Silver reveals character overview for slayers in upcoming pulp horror adventure Dead Island 2.

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Dead Island 2 Character Overview

It took eight years for publisher Deep Silver to confirm a release date for upcoming action role-playing survival horror game Dead Island 2 earlier last year after internal developer Dambuster Studios took control of development in 2019.

After getting delayed once again, an extended gameplay showcase offers new details about its weapons, zombies and more. Deep Silver has recently shed light on four Dead Island 2 playable characters and how they ended up in HELL-A.

Debuted through Gamescom 2022 trailer, Jacob wanted to become a Hollywood stuntman and hails from Brixton. Often quoting Shakespeare when slaying horde of undead, he has no regard for self-preservation and loves being a slayer.

LA native Amy used to be a Paralympian before becoming a zombie-slayer once zompocalypse hit up California lately. Using her years of intense mental and physical training, she is out there cleaning streets while trying to keep her cool.

Along comes Dani from County Cork of Ireland, who has a foul mouth with a rock and roll-style attitude during a fight. She didn't quite fit in when moved to Los Angeles and now she vents all aggression beating zombies, dealing damage.

A firefighter and part-time exotic dancer, Ryan is a parent figure to his little brother and is now stuck in HELL-A amidst a mass outbreak. Although very pessimistic, he is a tanky character with an indomitable will to fight through any odds.

Players can shape up their survivors according to their preferred play-style, with loadout, skills and various other aspects. Each slayers will begin with two basic skills, effectively allowing you to create a path for your character over time.

Dead Island 2 has yet to reveal two more characters ahead of its worldwide launch on April 28, 2023. Pre-order is live now with Memories of Banoi pack available as bonus for early purchase, which includes war club, skills card and more.
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