Silent Hill 2 Remake Developer Feels Pressure to Meet Expectations

Bloober Team is apparently feeling heavy pressure to meet expectations with their upcoming Silent Hill 2 Remake.

Silent Hill 2 Remake Developer Feels Pressure to Meet Expectations

Addressing past few years of rumor, Japanese developer/publisher Konami has revealed several of their upcoming projects earlier including Silent Hill: Ascension, Silent Hill 2 Remake, Silent Hill f, Silent Hill: Townfall and a movie adaptation.

A remake of Silent Hill 2 is currently being developed by Polish studio Bloober Team and arrives for PC and PlayStation 5-exclusively. Despite having a great reputation in making horror games, devs feel heavy pressure to meet expectation.

In a recent interview with Dread XP media website, Bloober Team chief marketing officer Anna Jasińska talked about how they competed with other studios to land their dream project, which was very exciting for every dev team member.

Back in 2019, Konami has reportedly invited to Bloober Team to take part in Tokyo Game Show, where they asked to prepare a concept for remake of original Silent Hill sequel, in exchange for an opportunity to make that concept a reality.

Many other studios were also participated but Bloober Team ended up winning over Konami as their passion for horror was recognized. When they finally received a confirmation, entire team was overjoyed since many were die-hard fans.

There was a sense of uneasiness as they were dealing with one of the best psychological horror games of all-time. Bloober Team wanted to stay faithful to original material and aims to put it in series fan's spotlight for generations to come.

Dev team is taking a very safe approach for any changes they make and are trying to modernize where it is needed. Bloober faces serious pressure to meet expectations, promising not to miss the point while they're livening up the original.

Silent Hill 2 Remake is built from ground up with Unreal Engine 5 and will focus more on visuals than gameplay. According to Bloober Team president Piotr Babieno, upcoming remake is in late production phase and may wrap-up very soon.
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