Back 4 Blood Content Support Ends, Turtle Rock Announces New Project

Turtle Rock Studios announced to end development of post-launch content for Back 4 Blood to focus on their next project.

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Back 4 Blood Content Support Ends, Turtle Rock Announces New Project

Before being acquired by Chinese company Tencent earlier, developer Turtle Rock Studios used to run independently and partnered up with publisher Warner Bros. to release 2021 co-op first- person shooter Back 4 Blood for all platforms.

After launching three additional story expansions since its 2021 release, Turtle Rock Studios has recently announced to end content development for Warner Bros.-published co-op shooter and are moving to their next, unannounced game.

Through a recent announcement on their website, Turtle Rock revealed their decision to end all development for post-launch content of Back 4 Blood right away to move on and focus on their next big project, which has yet to be revealed.

They further added that Turtle Rock dev team is actually quite small for making AAA-games and don't have enough people to continue working on Back 4 Blood content while they concurrently try to work on another new project right now.

However, players will still be able to access and play Back 4 Blood with all its DLC expansions on all major platforms, currently available for members of PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium tiers and comes with Xbox Game Pass membership.

Back 4 Blood was released back in October 2021 and received somewhat mixed receptions due to several gameplay issues. It rolled out three post-launch expansions thus far, concluding with River of Blood DLC adding campaign missions.
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