Aliens: Dark Descent Gameplay and Release Date Revealed

Focus Entertainment reveals brand-new gameplay footage and a release date for upcoming Aliens: Dark Descent.

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Aliens: Dark Descent Gameplay and Release Date Revealed

Originally premiered during Summer Game Fest 2022 event last year, Aliens: Dark Descent from developer Tindalos Interactive and publisher Focus Entertainment teased a grim story setting as well as very short snippet of gameplay video.

Already confirmed for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S, there was only a 2023 release window. Almost a year later, Aliens: Dark Descent receives a new gameplay and is scheduled to release on June 20, 2023.

Focus Entertainment unveils a new commented trailer that showcases gameplay of Aliens: Dark Descent.

Although it looks like a top-down shooter, Dark Descent will be a real-time squad-based tactical action game. In space, a squad of soldiers are deployed to fight off Xenomorphs and brand-new threats as they uncover many deadly secrets.

Explore a cinematic, narrative campaign that focuses on another Xenomorph horror story about an outbreak on a distant moon. You are in charge of a squad of Colonial Marines that works as a single unit who will carry out any given order.

Whether you are using a controller, keyboard and mouse or both, a Marine will quickly respond to your command. Be reactive to each level and strategic in any situation as they move forward, because death is permanent for any Marines.

Dark Descent has a bullet-time like feature that allows you to slow down time during combat to assign your units to their duty. In between action, upgrade your Marines with abilities, gear and perks while customize your arsenal for fights.

Regardless of having an isometric, overhead view, most areas will be dimly lit and won't be easy to survey before you step in. Entire dev team of Tindalos is working hard to deliver an authentic Alien experience, with very unique elements.

Aliens: Dark Descent will have players face off various Xenomorph types, including Facehuggers, Praetorians and Queens. Aside from their health and resources, Marines must keep their sanity to prevent mental breakdown amidst battles.
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