Redfall May Remove Always-Online Single-Player Requirement

Arkane Austin is actively working to remove always-online requirement for Redfall, even in single-player mode.

Redfall May Remove Always-Online Single-Player Requirement

Only a few months away from release, upcoming first-person shooter title Redfall by developer Arkane Studios Austin and publisher Bethesda Softworks is having a gameplay preview, offering a look at its creative combat and storytelling.

When it was revealed last month that Arkane's newest supernatural shooter will require you to have a persistent online connection, fans didn't take it very well and after some evaluation, dev team decided to remove online requirement.

In a latest interview with Eurogamer, game director Harvey Smith reveals that they are working for a solution to remove this requirement. Smith talked further regarding players who just want to play fully offline and shares his own views.

He thinks that developers could either respond saying, you want to be always online for Steam, to get latest patch on your Xbox or to see what your friends are doing online or you could freak out, which entirely lacks empathy for people.

Because some people live in places where there are outages or their broadband is really crappy or they're just competing with their family members, because their mom is probably streaming a movie, brother is on a device and what not.

Smith believes it's a legitimate critique and other the response would be to accept this reaction as they try to find a way to change it. They have to encrypt save games and bunch of UI work to remove it, however they can't promise it yet.

Delving into why Redfall was designed to be always online, Smith claimed that there's no micro-transactions. Players can find costumes and stuff, plus Arkane has DLC plan for characters, guns and whatever, like every game they've made.

Redfall was meant to be always online to help dev team understand how people were playing it and when they get into difficulty. It allows Arkane for telemetry, changing codes to tweak some accessibility stuff in-game and nothing weird.
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