Marvel's Wolverine is Reportedly Going for Mature Rating

Insomniac Games is reportedly going for a mature rating and may release Marvel's Wolverine by late 2024.

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Marvel's Wolverine is Reportedly Going for Mature Rating

In a regulatory filing at UK CMA earlier, Microsoft claims that upcoming PlayStation 5-exclusive action-adventure game Marvel's Wolverine by developer Insomniac Games and publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment will arrive in 2023.

Insomniac previously confirmed that their Wolverine game to have a mature tone to literally no one's surprise. This claim is further build up by an insider report suggesting Insomniac is aiming for a mature rating with Marvel's Wolverine.

According to VentureBeat journalist Jeff Grubb, in-development Wolverine game by Insomniac is targeting a "Hard R" rating. Grubb believes an M-rated Wolverine could actually work and he is the right superhero character for M rating.

Dev team is reportedly trying to avoid any correlation with Fox movies since they want to make a unique experience. Grubb reports that Marvel's Wolverine starts before he joined X-Men and it would be fitting for a game starring Logan.

What's interesting is that apparently there are two different dates; one is fall 2024 and another one is 2025. Spider-Man 2 is releasing this fall and launching Wolverine back-to-back next year is something only Insomniac can actually do.

In contrast to Insomniac's take on Spider-Man, it will have several open locations rather than a fully open-world. Marvel previously confirmed that newly announced games will have a shared universe for freedom of unique story-telling.

Since both Spider-Man and Wolverine are in Insomniac universe, Logan may end up showing at post-credit scene of Spider-Man 2. Insomniac previously hired Spec Ops: The Line writer as plot lead, who can really delver an M rated script.

Marvel's Wolverine is being helmed by Brian Horton and Cameron Christian, creative heads for Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Currently in very early development, it features an emotional story and cutting-edge gameplay for PS5 consoles.
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