Next Hitman Game is on Hiatus as IO Interactive Focuses on James Bond

IO Interactive is currently working on a new James Bond game and next major Hitman game is likely on a hiatus.

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Next Hitman Game is on Hiatus as IO Interactive Focuses on James Bond

Carrying out legacy of popular action-adventure game series, developer/publisher IO Interactive went through a soft reboot and a reimagining of Hitman franchise in 2016 and followed-up with two sequels; Hitman 2 and III in coming years.

After concluding latest trilogy of games, IO Interactive re-branded Hitman III into Hitman: World of Assassination earlier. Though many fans are hoping for a new series entry, next Hitman game is on a hiatus while IOI focuses on other titles.

As they plans to continue evolving World of Assassination trilogy, IOI has primarily shifted focus on upcoming James Bond project. However, fans can expect to see new features like Freelancer mode before moving to a newest series entry.

Bringing content from Hitman 1 and Hitman 2 into one place, World of Assassination becomes a platform for IOI to experiment with new formula and then at some point, they may consider re-articulating a sandbox with what they learned.

IO co-owner and chief creative officer Christian Elverdam states that a major Hitman title is now on a little bit hiatus, as they are building another agent fantasy that is taking up lot of their time but they will soon return to beloved Agent 47.

IO Interactive announced developing an officially licensed James Bond game in November 2020, based on an original origin story. Earlier last month, IOI also confirmed working on a new online fantasy RPG, likely inspired by tabletop genre.
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