Metro: Last Light Free on Steam Now to Celebrate 10th Anniversary

4A Games is offering PC version of Metro: Last Light on Steam for a limited time to celebrate 10th anniversary of its release.

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Metro: Last Light Free on Steam Now to Celebrate 10th Anniversary

After an immense success of 2010 post-apocalyptic shooter, a follow-up sequel was greenlit by developer 4A Games as they worked on a script by franchise creator Dmitry Glukhovsky, which ends up outselling its predecessor at release.

In celebration for 10th anniversary of Metro: Last Light launch, 4A Games gives away Complete Edition of 2013 sequel to Metro on PC platform via Steam to claim throughout this week before May 25 and own it forever in your collection.

Set in year 2034 of post-nuclear Moscow, players would assume the role of protagonist Artyom and venture through metro system. Survivors formed variety of factions in a struggle for power and mutants are lurking beneath catacombs.

Alongside graphical and gameplay improvements, 4A Games introduces weapon customization for 2013 sequel. Complete Edition includes Last Light base game with all DLCs in a single bundle, plus brutal Ranger mode for hardcore player.

A sequel to Last Light was released by 4A Games in 2019 titled Metro: Exodus that came out on next-generation consoles in 2021. A multiplayer mode for Last Light was originally scrapped but 4A plans to include multiplayer in next game.

Metro: Last Light can be yours once you head over to Steam and add it to your library of games for no extra cost this week. Although a Redux version is available online, ongoing giveaway will only offer Complete Edition of original game.
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