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Katsucon 2017 Overwatch Cosplay

Like every year, Katsucon staged the biggest anime cosplay show of 2017, from 17-19 February. This 3-day-long annual convention was held in D.C. and since, this is where many talented cosplayer joins to showcase their creativity, we have some awesome cosplay picked from the show. We will be a bit particular about our pick here and we better let you know that our picks are specifically from Blizzard Entertainment 's first-person multiplayer shooter video game Overwatch . Top Overwatch Cosplay Fans of cosplaying are no stranger to the name of superstar cosplayer/gamer Stella Chuu . She is the one responsible for their enthusiastic cosplaying group named Underwatch, who has presented us with some smoking hot Overwatch themed cosplays. What started as a fun doodling experiment of Overwatch in fancy underpants eventually became a major project. So based on her designs, her friends from cosplay community got to work to make them come alive and we saw what they have been working

Marvel Video Games to Create Original Stories

Bill Rosemann, creative director of Marvel Games reveals that they are encouraging game developers to create original stories. Marvel Video Games Will Focus on Original Storylines Since the beginning of Marvel Cinematic Universe with live-action Iron Man movie release back in 2008, Marvel Entertainment has always tried and carefully maintained all of their characters and cinematic stories stay tied to each other. Whether it is a blockbuster superhero movie like The Avengers or super-hit series like Netflix's Daredevil , it's all connected. However, Marvel may not have that same outlook when it comes to develop new Marvel video game universe. RELATED: Telltale's Guardians of the Galaxy Teaser Trailer Marvel Games ' creative director Bill Rosemann has recently talked about their gaming ventures at 2017 DICE Summit . He reveals that Marvel's Spider-Man or Telltale's Guardians of the Galaxy won't be tied to any recent comic-book story. In fact, these nar

Telltale's Guardians of the Galaxy to Focus on Family Dynamic

Since their debut on the pages of Marvel Comics , Guardians of the Galaxy has conquered the fans of comic books, movies and animated TV show. One more credit is going to be added to their legacy as it will be adapted into video games soon, credits due to developer Telltale Games . At the D.I.C.E. gaming summit 2017, Marvel Games ' Creative Director Bill Rosemann has shed some light on this upcoming project of theirs. As their “ World Building the Marvel Way ” presentation goes on, he shared that they are about to travel around the family dynamic of the band of intergalactic outlaws we love and what on space can possibly tear it apart. Each of the character from the  Guardians of the Galaxy  roster are given the individual treatment to focus on their origin and motivation for becoming a family who has very little in common among them. Telltale's Guardians of the Galaxy to Focus on Family Dynamic He also nodded to the possibility of the Guardians meeting a list of ot

Resident Evil 7’s Next DLC Features Chris Redfield

Resident Evil 7 has been released over the consoles and fans worldwide have been taking this much-anticipated game with both positive and negative response so far. But one thing is certain, which is, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard (2017) is making a name for itself. Since the players were deprived from playing as any canonical characters that previously appeared on the series before and instead have to play with a brand-new character Ethan Winters, their reactions are mixed. However, for those who eagerly crave for some old faces to show up again, Capcom has an arrangement in their upcoming DLC pack for RE7 titled "Not A Hero", featuring fan-favorite RE veteran Chris Redfield. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Not A Hero DLC According to Capcom reports, around sometime during this spring season, "Not A Hero" will be released for free. If you are still skeptical about the news then here goes the Tweet that declared the news. Chris Redfield returns in the

Netflix’s Castlevania Poster Reveals Dracula’s Castle

Castlevania has been a well-known franchise to the video gamers of the world for many decades, which has more sequels than any other games out there as well as a handful of tie-in games and gambling machines based on its theme. A few days ago, news of a new drama series adaptation of Castlevania on Netflix was announced and now, the executive producer of the show, Adi Shankar has revealed a new poster for the series. The poster showcases Dracula’s legendary castle on blood moon night with bats; the creature of the night that foreshadows the lord of vampire. The castle that depicts and symbolizes Dracula's lair was also a recurring theme of the Castlevania games. Throughout the years of the game's run, fans have become quite familiar with the castle where they have slain Dracula a number of times as he comes back resurrected each time anew. Castlevania Poster Debuts Dracula’s Castle The primary setup of Castlevania revolves around the Belmont clan, a family of

Is Efi Oladele Overwatch's Next Hero?

The backstory of an 11-year-old girl named Efi Oladele, who also happens to be a genius inventor, was posted as a fictional interview on the Official Blog of Overwatch . While the majority of the fans speculate this as a tease to a new hero by Blizzard Entertainment , there was no apparent confirmation of any sort. At least, not yet. The interview reveals that she is a brilliant kid-genius from Numbani, who works with robotics and artificial intelligence. Her impressive achievements in the ground so far is the news from last year. She has received a very prestigious as well as a handsome "genius grant" from the Adawe Foundation for the recognition of her contribution. And her magnificent progress in her working field has took her to the " Spotlight on Numbani ". An Interview with Inventor Efi Oladele Despite all the royalties and fame, she wishes to do more by creating a means to make everyone's life better. Also, she hinted of building something like

Overwatch's Tracer Gets Her Own Nendoroid

The time-jumping adventurer Lena Oxton AKA Tracer from Blizzard Entertainment 's popular first-person multiplayer shooter video game Overwatch is not unknown to the fans. Also, people who love collecting cute figurines are no stranger to the Nendoroid line of collectibles. Now, to reward their love towards this cute figures, the Japanese Good Smile Company is bringing Overwatch 's Tracer in their line of Nendoroid toys like they did with some other fan-favorite characters in the past. Overwatch's Tracer gets her own Nendoroid Witness the cuteness of the Tracer Nendoroid in this 30 seconds long classic skin edition introduction video. The bang of her haircut is also carefully designed to flop over her big goggles at times. The Tracer Nendoroid will also be armed with her signature pulse pistols to make gun wielding poses and separate hand parts will be added to make stances without the guns like her recall ability activated mode. This figure is desi

Prey Gameplay Opening Hour Highlights

For those, who may not know, Prey is a recent addition in the first-person shooter genre of game from Bethesda Softworks . Recently, the game showed us some highlights from its opening hour and there are a couple of things that you may find lovely about it. Prey Opening Hour Gameplay Highlights So, here goes the gameplay highlights from the stunning first hour of Prey . The first thing Prey does is to hit you with some awesome view from the protagonist Morgan Yu's apartment. You wake up as Morgan, head for the testing facility in a chopper, undergo some aptitude tests (probably for space), break out of some intriguing daydream and fight the Typhons in your office. There are some really stunning reveal that awaits the gamer which promises to be a great experience for them. It is about Morgan Yu's first day at work on a space station and then suddenly everything goes to hell when the alien invasion starts. You go scavenging in your now abandoned workplace looki

Lego Batman Movie Gameplay Trailer

To celebrate the arrival of “ The LEGO Batman Movie ” in theaters soon, LEGO Dimensions have unveiled a brand-new gameplay trailer for the “ LEGO Batman Movie ” story pack. LEGO Dimensions: LEGO Batman Movie Gameplay This pack will let the gamers play and enjoy the entire movie and team up with  Batgirl  and  Robin  to fight Gotham's  Clown Prince of Crime ;  The Joker  and other psychopath villains, in six new levels of all-star super hero fun! LEGO Style! The game also contains Adventure World Battle Arenas as new feature, where the players will be able to challenge each other in a four-player split-screen action mode. Players will also be allowed to build their very own Bat-Computer gateway for their LEGO Toy Pad, using which they can always send their characters into the multiverse of the game as well. The LEGO Batman franchise already has three video game titles under its own name (even though two of them are of course featured a considerable amount of gue