Monday, September 11, 2017

Rainbow Six Siege's Blood Orchid is Bugged

So far, Ubisoft tried their best to make Rainbow Six Siege update Blood Orchid as satisfying as possible but looks like the reality took a very different turn. Rainbow Six Siege new operators and other game aspects were introduced as well as SDU operators Ying and Lesion. Despite taking time and giving the much needed update, Ubisoft still failed to live up to the expectation. You might wanna ask why is that? Well, it's because of bugs.

Apparently, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is bringing in reports of many issues and there is a Megathread on Reddit about it, which you are welcome to check out.

rainbow six siege pc dlc
Rainbow Six Siege's Blood Orchid is Bugged

Rainbow Six Siege DLC Blood Orchid starts giving reports of the game either freezing or crashing and unfortunately, that is not the end of it. Players have also complained about not being able to purchase item like rifle and facing issues like rubber banding issues while they try to jump over shields. Rainbow Six Siege PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions have different types of errors but sometimes that concern is same on all platforms.

On PC, your update may not show up on uPlay but you will still be able to play the game anyway. Sometime, the update downloads several times and in case of Steam, it may not reach the content server, leading to fail to update. Stay with your teammate option may not often work and while you keep pressing Alt+Tab to choose which operator to play, this might cause the game to freeze. Also, you might not be allowed to create a local custom game.

On PlayStation 4, players are being unable to hear each other out even though they had their microphones on. Your shop will say that you already own all the elite sets, whereas you don't. Every time you switch an operator, your setting will be set to default, which is frustrating at times. Mostly, PS4 version suffers the audio problem in many spheres and lastly, even if you have enough space, it says that you are unable to download the update for space storage.

rainbow six siege new operators
Rainbow Six Siege Need Bugfixes

In Xbox One, there is no custom game playlist at all. It is simply gone. You cannot find Elite skins in the shop. It is quite disturbing when you see members of the same team are often split up into different matches. When you are on a new operator, you may not be able to equip the universal skins. Oh, and the map thumbnail and name are now taken over by a black screen.

Above mentioned are only a few of the trouble that has been irritating the gamers worldwide. There are too many to write down without making it any longer that it already is. Ubisoft still haven't officially responded to these but since they frequently do scheduled maintenance every now and then, hopefully they will take this to notice. Otherwise, you and your Rainbow team will be on your own.