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Destiny 2 Ending Explained

As soon as Destiny 2 Was Officially Announced by Bungie, it created all sorts of hype to the world of gaming and that intensified with Destiny 2 Teaser Trailer and Destiny 2 Reveal Trailer respectively. When the game finally released, Destiny 2 is Proven Better Than Destiny. To Bungie's credit, they have brought a significant change of the overall experience. Some of those changes are good, others are not too much.

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Destiny 2 Ending Explained


The best thing by far about this sequel is the way of their storytelling system. Though Destiny had a lot to tell the players, it did but in a way that failed to cheer everyone up. You can go ahead and only find the interesting backstory of the game Destiny by only finding and unlocking Grimoire cards during the game. This is how, Bungie managed to make it boring and leave the players uninterested about what the plot stands for.

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Destiny Grimoire Cards

In Destiny 2, you don't have to chase after Grimoire cards anymore. That was meaningless anyway. Instead, you will learn more of the game, its story and every other thing that should be your concern as you play and progress throughout the game. You might as well forget the ending within or after a few hours but it will reveal a few things that you won't see coming. Now that makes sense. Slightly.

Playing Destiny 2‘s story campaign, the Guardian players are playing with will come face to face with the notorious leader of the Red Legion; Dominus Ghaul during the final mission. Ghaul is here to steal the Light of the Traveler as he believes that he and his legion are the ones who truly deserve it. He kept the Speaker as his prisoner and by the time you will reach the end, his mentor the Consul would have the Speaker executed. After the player defeats him, Ghaul will be resurrected with an otherworldly Light.

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The Traveler Awakens

This time, the villain is near-invincible and seemingly winning but then something unusual happens. The Traveler wakes up from his long slumber which lasted from the events of Destiny to Destiny 2. For long time, The Traveler stayed dormant on his tower and sent the Ghosts to help the Guardians with the Light so that they can protect Earth. Traveler begins glowing when Ghaul became a threat, causing the Red Legion to fall and the villain getting destroyed by a surge of light.

For the first time in a long period, this is the first time The Traveler made a move and that undoubtedly makes it one of the most memorable memories of Destiny 2. There is one more significant reveal that is kept hidden until the final boss fight, which is regarding the Speaker.

All these time he was not vouching for the Traveler but pushing hidden agendas of his own while leading everyone else to believe otherwise. This changes the perspective a lot of things about the Traveler but until Bungie decides to drop the next expansion pack, we cannot say anything for certain.

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New Threat For Destiny

Upon destroying Dominus Ghaul, the Light of The Traveler doesn't stop there. Instead, it starts wandering and then spread across the galaxy, crossing Saturn’s ring and then beyond that as well. After spreading across the vast solar system of the universe, if finally reaches a collective of a few pyramid-shaped ships. As soon as the Light enters these dormant vessels, they come alive and set their course to Earth.

This scene may have just teased what we can expect from the Destiny series in the upcoming future. Never before these ships have appeared in any of the Destiny game but it's not like Bungie has talked about them for the first time. Back in 2013, these ships actually showed up in the concept art for the first installment of the series. Although the developers have unveiled many secrets in-game but still, there are more to reveal in future.

Writer Joseph Staten and art director Chris Barrett of the game Destiny have presented the concept art on 2013 on a presentation at Game Developer’s Conference and that was before Destiny was released one year after on 2014. The ships were in the arts and Barrett eventually went on calling them “giant onyx pyramid ships” but then stopped reminding us that he is not allowed to spill any more beans.

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Destiny Enemy Races

Those concept arts from Bungie presented five of game’s enemy alien races and four of them are already revealed as Fallen, Hive, Vex and Cabal. However, the fifth race with few pyramid-shaped ships and a cloudy black force was yet not introduced properly. Veteran players are already speculating that this mysterious fifth race may be the Darkness, a threat unlike any other.

As it is considered the arch-nemesis of the Traveler, anyone with a connection to the Light is a target of it. Even though, the guesses are seeming pretty legit, this also might be something else but whoever it is, it has sensed the Light and now it is headed towards Earth. Possibly to create havoc and usher destruction.

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Fall of The Speaker

Improving every aspects of their project, Bungie truly outdid themselves in terms of Destiny 2 and that means, we are about to get a much more interesting saga up next. We know that the Speaker is dead but some of the most recent leaks suggest that one of his former apprentice Osiris is going to feature in the first expansion pack of the game. Sounds like a coincidence? I think not. Osiris has a very different perspective of looking at things than his deceased master and that will probably change a lot of stuffs.

The Guardians were brought back with new life and gifts to protect humanity and halt the Darkness. With the introduction of Osiris and the death of the Speaker, everything if forming a pattern, which is, the game is going somewhere. In future, perhaps many of the Guardians will take an alternate route of Destiny and as a new enemy is already on its way, the Traveler will lead the Guardians with the Light.

Destiny 2 is already out worldwide for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One but if you want to play the game on PC, then you will have to patiently wait until October 24, 2017.