Wednesday, February 21, 2018

EA Play Brings Next Battlefield Game

For the past few months we've been hearing news flying around about Electronic Arts and EA Dice bringing an all-new entry to their first-person shooter Battlefield franchise in 2018, which was finally confirmed. Since Battlefield 1 is based on the era of World War 1, we only wonder what setting the upcoming title would choose. Reportedly, Electronic Arts is eventually going to bring the next Battlefield title to EA Play at E3 2018 convention.

Back in the days, EA was one of the most popular game publishers and made E3 great for everyone. But now that they have become more self-centered in the recent years, they created an event of their own. This way they can bring their newest or upcoming titles directly to their customers directly and sometime fans get the chance to try out these games months or years before they are available in stores for everyone.

battlefield 5 game ea play 2018
EA Play Brings Next Battlefield Game

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Although, EA mostly brings out the typical EA Sports games to EA Play at Los Angeles each year along with a few bunch of their other projects for players to try out for free, they occasionally brings out some very good games as well. Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall 2 and EA Dice’s Star Wars Battlefront II from last year's event was impressive. Looks like this year, EA will finally showcase their upcoming Battlefield game at EA Play and would make it official for good.

EA announced that at EA Play 2018, the next Battlefield experience will be unveiled for all and there will be exclusive peak at BioWare’s Anthem, which was recently delayed. From June 9, Saturday, they will launch the event at Hollywood Palladium and will run till June 11, the day before the E3 2018. Tickets for EA Play will be out during spring and to ensure that everyone on board has a better experience to access their favorite games at the occasion; EA will implement a better ticketing system.

anthem the sims 4 game ea play
EA Play Will Feature Anthem and The Sims 4

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While the announcement of EA Dice bringing next Battlefield game at EA Play is pretty exciting, the community of fans is still riddled about what title it's going to be? Currently, the internet has dubbed the newest entry of the series as either Battlefield 2018 or Battlefield 5. Some also suggested that the title might be Battlefield: Bad Company 3 and as par other reports, the game can be a title focused on WWII.

With the rise to fame of the new battle royale shooter games like Fortnite Battle Royale and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, EA’s CEO Andrew Wilson is seemingly very enthusiastic about this popular genre and probably looking for something that can even be something like Battlefield: Battle Royale. Whatever the game turn out to be, it would probably be available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One with multiplayer option. We can only wait and watch as it all unfolds at EA Play 2018.