Sunday, July 15, 2018

Rainbow Six Siege Instant Bans for Toxicity

In order to deal with slurs and toxicity in Siege, Ubisoft placed a strict moderation system as a step towards healthy community.

Online toxicity is a major issue in gaming these days that it cannot be ignored as it often ruins the experience in multiplayer online games for many players. Companies like Blizzard, Riot Games and Twitch are on a constant battle with this huge problem.

Earlier, we saw Rare Studio developers handling it like a pro with unique anti-toxicity strategy for Sea of Thieves back in March 2018 to re-establish order. Recently, Rainbow Six Siege has taken a stance of on this topic but in a very strict way.

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Rainbow Six Siege Instant Bans for Toxicity

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With a goal of eradicating hate speech from their tactical shooter game for a healthy playing environment, developer/publisher Ubisoft placed a stern moderating system lately that will detect players using homophobic, racist slurs and any other form of hate speeches.

Attempting of using such language against other participants online will place an immediate ban. It has already started implementing bans on players and is pretty quick in handling the penalty whenever it spots slurs within in-game chat.

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For your first offense, you are kicked out for only 30 minutes, then it is 2 hours for second time and following your third time, an official investigation will thoroughly run over your account that can lead to a permanent ban as well.

Yesterday, one curious Reddit user wanted to test "Toxicity Filter" by typing a slur and almost instantly got removed from match with a ban according to new Code of Conduct for Siege. While some tried to complain on Twitter, Ubisoft was unfazed about their actions.

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Whether you are playing Terrorist Hunt or custom games, you could be automatically kicked out of R6Siege anytime using slurs. Back in April, developers promised to introduce a few features to prevent people from using abusive language during a match.

They were about to mute chat text and improve the monitoring system with a chat filter. However, it turned out to be quite different than what everyone thought and instead of censoring texts in chat through automated system, they are simply removing players.

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Also, this recent course of action is currently limited to players on PC, where monitoring runs rampant. Sony and Microsoft will have to handle situation on available console platforms according to their own policy for community.

R6S has an all-time high number of player counts in PC during March and cleaning up in-game environment of abusive language will make its atmosphere more welcoming for new gamers and we believe necessary steps will be taken against hackers next.

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Following this stern movement against hate speech, many are really appreciating this new initiative while other people are upset for not being able to use those words anymore, even if it was meant to be for fun in close circles.

However, this feature can easily be misused by provoking competitors into engaging in hate talk to get the boot. Released back in 2015 from Ubisoft for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Rainbow Six Siege is currently in its Season 3 of content.


Well, if people want to be vile piece of shit, then they should be and face the consequences. There's nothing wrong with that.

Agreed. Even though muting chat would've been more subtle.