Saturday, May 25, 2019

Fable 4 Leaked on Mixer

Epic fantasy RPG series Fable may return at E3 2019 as it has been noticed listed on streaming platform Mixer.

Back in January 2018, rumors started flying about of Fable IV is in under development by Playground Games came out and head of Xbox, Phil Spencer sort of positively hinted that during E3 2018 press conference of Microsoft.

However, recent evidence of the game being listed on renowned live streaming platform Mixer suggests that we might eventually see this popular action role-playing series returning after all at E3 2019 that is only a few weeks away from now.

fable 4 leaked mixer list e3 2019 playground games xbox
Fable IV Leaked on Mixer

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Lately, Reddit user snow9876 has posted an image of a list of curated titles that Mixer displays to streamers to select and auto-fill while setting up current game for channels, where "Fable IV" showed up alongside its predecessor titles.

Few people are skeptical that someone could have mistakenly added it to upcoming titles list but chances of that happening are too far-fetched and even if anyone did so, they simply will not show up for other people when searching for a game.

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Fable series creator Lionhead Studios attempted to revive the mythical saga once again with Fable Legends co-op focused action role-playing gameplay but that failed so miserably that Microsoft had to cancel it for good in 2016.

After Lionhead had to unfortunately close off that year, fate of its future became uncertain until Playground Games picked off but due to lack of presence on E3 2018, which only led people to believe that early rumors were false.

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However, people really got hopeful about this epic fantasy franchise at Gamescom 2018 when general manager of Xbox Game Studios, Aaron Greenberg confirmed fans that the developers of Forza Horizon was truly working on a "big, big exclusive".

Even though developers are working on Fable IV for some time now, chances of it getting release anytime soon this year is highly unlikely but we can at least hope to get a glimpse of it at E3 this year and it could be a great exclusive for Xbox One.