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Resident Evil TV Series Leaked by Netflix

Plot details for upcoming Resident Evil show was posted and removed from Netflix press-only site earlier.

Ever since report of a Resident Evil TV series arriving on popular online streaming platform Netflix was published by Deadline, fans have been clamoring for more details and a series of related new leaks have started to roll recently.

Earlier, a plot synopsis for upcoming series adaptation of Capcom's iconic survival horror franchise was uploaded to press-only site of Netflix ahead of time that has been deleted afterwards but was retrieved from internet archives.

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Resident Evil TV Series Leaked by Netflix

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A snapshot shared by Twitter user @RE_Wiki reveals primary plot outline of esteemed series from WaybackMachine. Netflix has uploaded these first details of Resident Evil show on their site shortly before removing it entirely.

Perhaps, they are not yet ready to make an official announcement and a previous report says that its pre-production will begin in April 2020. Considering that, a confirmation of some sort may come out much sooner than later.

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Tweet from @RE_Wiki reveals an outline for Resident Evil Netflix series involving Umbrella Corporation.

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Resident Evil series for Netflix will probably go exploring an origin for Umbrella's creation of deadly T-Virus. Although set 26 years after Raccoon City incident, Greenwood Asylum and town of Clearfield may hold some connection to thatcase.

Since Umbrella has gotten Washington, D.C. involved into their shady business, things are likely to get intense, maybe even political. Perhaps a modern-day occurrence will trigger events that will lead back to some deep dark secret.

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After their previous affiliation on Resident Evil movie franchise, production company Constantin Films has teamed-up with Netflix for apparent TV adaptation and they have no plans to make any canonical connection between these two.

Resident Evil Netflix series will reportedly premiere on spring 2021 but there is still no confirmation of its cast members. At this point, a solid confirmation on plot summery and more details from official sources is much required.