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Vigor Season 2: Hunters Live Now

Hunters arrive into Outlands as Season 2 of free-to-play loot shooter title Vigor goes live on Xbox One.

With arrival of a new season, developer/publisher Bohemia Interactive is planning to make it easy for Outlanders to keep track of progress in free-to-play multiplayer shooter game Vigor as they released Update 2.0: Hunters on Xbox One.

Season 2 will be introducing some changes in Battle Pass system for better as in past, only most dedicated players would have unlocked all great rewards in Battle Pass but now they are made more accessible due to players' feedback.

vigor update 2.0 hunters battle pass outlanders february 2020 xbox one bohemia interactive free-to-play multiplayer looter shooter game
Vigor Season 2: Hunters Live Now

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After recent inclusion of Preppers in post-war Norway, a new deadly class of survivors known as Hunters is added. Some of them are expert at tracking their prey, few can aim for absolute accuracy and many are just good at looting.

Most common weapon that Hunters usually prefer carrying is a crossbow, which is designed for single shot kills. Also, legendary weapon Mosin–Nagant rifle from Xbox Game Preview period is making a return for this hunting season.

vigor update 2.0 hunters battle pass outlanders february 2020 season 2 battle pass crossbow mosin nagant fake glint tool portable signal detector xbox one bohemia interactive
Season 2 Tools & Weapons

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An expert tracker doesn't rely on any scopes and often times they fool others using fake glint tool to reflect sunlight for distraction. Even camping within bushes is no longer safe for any Outlanders when one carries a portable signal detector.

First blood Hunters can show their pride using themed full-body uniform, emote, headwear and weapon skins through latest customization options. Aside from Battle Pass season, changes were made to in-game store following Update 1.2.1.

vigor update 2.0 hunters battle pass outlanders february 2020 xbox one bohemia interactive cosmetic weapon items
Hunters Battle Pass

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Bohemia Interactive is focusing more on gameplay stability and players can keep track of all changes on changelog from title screen directly. Price point for cosmetic items was reduced recently to make them easily obtainable for players.

Vigor Update 2.0: Hunters have worked out some shooting mechanism like bullet penetration, damage over distance etc. To keep tabs on Update Preview program, you can keep an eye on regular streams of associate partners.