Thursday, March 19, 2020

Resident Evil 3 Raccoon City Demo Out Now

Raccoon City demo for Resident Evil 3 is out and you have to time limits to survive a zombie outbreak this time.

As we are getting close to release of upcoming highly-anticipated survival horror game Resident Evil 3 Remake on April 3, 2020, everyone was waiting to get their hands on a demo that developer/publisher Capcom has promised last month.

With merely weeks left for Resident Evil fans to jump on board as former S.T.A.R.S. member Jill Valentine, Capcom is finally releasing a free trial version of the game titled Raccoon City demo for PC via Steam, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

resident evil 3 remake raccoon city demo pc steam ps4 xb1 capcom survival horror game
Resident Evil 3 Raccoon City Demo Out Now

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Those who already played Resident Evil 2 Remake last year will head back to the city of dead once again to see things in new light. Prepare yourselves to get stalked by a relentless pursuer that will not rest until it eliminates you for good.

When you are out there, always try avoiding close-quarter combat with zombies and run away if you have to as not only can they overwhelm you in number all of a sudden, Umbrella bio-weapon Nemesis is out there looking for you.

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Most of the time, you can easily pass them over and sometime her dodge move with perfect timing can be a huge lifesaver. Always have an escape route in mind for new areas and keep an eye at your surrounding for destructible elements.

In her attempt to make an escape and rescue any remaining civilians, Jill receives help from fellow protagonist Carlos Oliveira. Players can also engage in a hunt to find twenty Mr. Charlie figures hidden across locations of Raccoon City.

resident evil 3 remake mister charlie challenge raccoon city demo pc steam ps4 xb1 capcom survival horror game
Mr. Charlie Challenge

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Those idly lying electrical box or explosive barrels may come in handy at a later point if you can keep away from blasting them. Those who want to complete entire run of the demo would be wise to conserve ammo and manage resources.

Capcom has previously updated their RE2 R.P.D. demo for all platforms with a newly added Easter egg of Nemesis voice and chances are, some sort ties to characters or events from last Resident Evil game will be shown in demo of RE3.

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Also, take a look at a roundup of how things have led from Arklay Mountain incident to an outbreak in Raccoon City.

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Unlike limited time "1-Shot" Demo of RE2 Remake, Raccoon City demo has no time caps and can be playable for more than once. Upon completion of the demo, there will be an exclusive brand-new cinematic trailer for all participants.

Capcom will host an Open Beta for Resident Evil 3 Remake online multiplayer mode Resident Evil: Resistance on March 27, featuring evil Mastermind character Daniel Fabron and four out of six survivors in an asymmetrical 4v1 game.