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Destiny 2 to Allow Raid Farming, Weekly Reward Limit Removed

Bungie removes weekly reward limit for five featured raids of Destiny 2 until release of Beyond Light.

Amidst a global pandemic of COVID-19, developer/publisher Bungie is preparing to observe a community event for free-to-play online multiplayer shooter title Destiny 2, out now on Google Stadia, Windows PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

To celebrate unofficial Bungie Day 2020 on July 7, 2020, dev team for D2 has decided to remove all weekly reward limits from a handful of its featured raids to allow players to farm unlimited amount of Exotics as long as they are available.

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Destiny 2 to Allow Raid Farming, Weekly Reward Limit Removed

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Players can reap any amount of rewards from Crown of Sorrow, Eater of Worlds, Leviathan, Scourge of the Past and Spire of Stars raid. Despite removal of raid reward caps, secret chests will continue to follow their usual weekly limits.

Latest update will use Season of Arrivals infusion cap for armor drops from above-mentioned raids. Bungie will be rewarding Guardians who would join ongoing Moments of Triumph with additional in-game incentives and unlockables.

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Bungie previously made an announcement of removing a number of locations while moving to a "Vault" like content update policy. Some activities and select D2 raids will also be taken offline temporarily to make space for new host of content.

Those who will participate and brave all challenges in featured raids will receive exclusive raid ring and emblem. You might want to grab your desired rewards before they are removed at Beyond Light expansion launch on September 22.

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Bungie invites players to celebrate "Moments of Triumph" by earning rewards in a newly released trailer.

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For next two years, Bungie has planned to release a series of expansions for next major story arc of Destiny 2. Starting with Beyond Light DLC later this year, Darkness will be introduced and The Exo Stranger will return from original Destiny.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light expansion may introduce major changes to entirety of gameplay experience and Bungie has more to reveal. Meanwhile, take some time off to farm some of your favorite items when they are still up for grabs.