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The Sinking City is Back on Steam

The Sinking City returns to Steam and other stores, even though legal dispute continues between Frogwares and NACON.

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The Sinking City is Back on Steam

Only few months after releasing for major platforms, action-adventure game The Sinking City was removed from major online storefronts in August 2019 because of a legal dispute between developer Frogwares and publisher NACON.

After being delisted from Microsoft Store, PlayStation Network and Steam platform for a while, Xbox One version of The Sinking City is now available to purchase and will return to outlets on a later date for Windows PC and PlayStation 4.

Frogwares has previously removed The Sinking City from Epic Games Store, PS Store, Steam and Xbox Store in a major disagreement with distributor NACON, who allegedly withhold a revenue payment roughly amounts to 1 million euros.

Aside from withholding development costs, they also claimed that NACON mislead consumers into believing as they were publisher of the game although it was self-published by Frogwares, leading to a breach of licensing agreement.

While ongoing legal battle remains pending between them, French courts ruled that Frogwares has unlawfully broke publishing agreement by removing The Sinking City from storefronts and is ordered to resume distribution to follow suit.

NACON released a statement, asking all outlets and platforms to bring the game back on stores until further decisions. They also clarified that some online features may not be accessible since they depend on the goodwill of Frogwares.

Even when pulled from sales, Nintendo Switch version of The Sinking City remained available for purchase at Nintendo eShop throughout last year as well as other distribution platform like EA Origin and video game retailer Gamesplanet.

Lovecraftian detective horror adventure The Sinking City lets you play as a private investigator and go look for clues to resolve mysteries regarding his nightmarish visions about the town of Oakmont being flooded by a mysterious force.