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Little Nightmares 2 Physical Edition Release in UK and Ireland Delayed by Brexit

Bandai Namco announces delay in shipping of Little Nightmares 2 physical edition for UK and Ireland, due to Brexit.

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Little Nightmares II Physical Edition Release in UK and Ireland Delayed by Brexit

Only less than a week ahead of release worldwide, Bandai Namco reveals today that physical copies of Little Nightmares II are delayed for Ireland and United Kingdom due to withdrawal from European Union, also known as Brexit.

This one is likely to be the first issue affecting gaming industry by UK leaving EU as a member state. There have already been many cases regarding shipping delays because of lockdowns and restrictions for COVID-19 pandemic last year.

On social media, official Twitter account for Bandai Namco UK announces that Little Nightmares 2 physical edition are going to be delayed for a few days in Ireland and UK because of shipping problems that caused by British exit from EU.

Unlike games from 2020 that had development issues for setback, Little Nightmares II is directly affected by Brexit. It may take few more years for this movement having any impact on gaming industry and have many other consequences.

Bandai Namco UK addresses recent issues of Little Nightmares 2 shipping and has apologized to all consumers.

Little Nightmares 2 is centered around a young boy named Mono, who wears a paper bag over his head to cover up face. He stumbles onto original protagonist Six and fights to survive against all odds to reach the mysterious Signal Tower.

Little Nightmares II playable demo has already been made available by Bandai Namco across PC and console platforms. Despite physical release gets pushed back, digital versions are launching over online storefronts on February 11, 2021.