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PlayStation Plus Free Games for March 2021

PlayStation Plus to add Farpoint, Final Fantasy VII Remake, Maquette and Remnant: From the Ashes for PS4 and 5 next month.

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PlayStation Plus Free Games for March 2021

Followed by latest State of Play video presentation, Sony Interactive Entertainment reveals new lineup of PlayStation Plus free games for March. All of these titles will be available to download and play on PlayStation 4 and next-gen consoles.

PS Plus members are to get their hands on modern-day classic reimagining of iconic action role-playing game Final Fantasy VII Remake by developer/publisher Square Enix and assume the role of elite warrior Cloud Strife fight Shinra's forces.

You get to be a part of Cloud and his friends' adventure across the city of Midgar, carrying out raids on various Shinra establishments and save beautiful florist Aerith while being haunted by memories of former SOLDIER member Sephiroth.

Though subscribers are able to add FF7 Remake to their library of games, they are not eligible to download PlayStation 5 version upgrade. Square Enix confirms that only players who bought a copy are entitled to receive Intergrade for free.

Take back a post-apocalyptic world for humanity by fighting invaders from dimensions beyond in third-person action shooter Remnant: From the Ashes, inspired from action RPG elements of Dark Souls and lives up to be its own epic monster.

Set to make its PlayStation 5 debut through PlayStation Plus, puzzle-adventure game Maquette lets you move around and manipulate objects in order to solve puzzles of a love story within a larger world that is also very undersized at times.

Survive an alien planet first-person VR shooter Farpoint is coming to PlayStation VR, optimized for VR Aim controller. Also accessible to play this month is vehicular combat title Destruction AllStars, which is getting a huge price drop soon.

Sony is adding some really great games for players of PlayStation community, arriving on March 2, 2021 and will be up until April 5, 2021. PS Plus subscribers can still download Concrete Genie and Control: Ultimate Edition from last month.