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Yoku's Island Express Free on Epic Games Store Now

Epic Games Store is giving away 2018 pinball platformer title Yoku's Island Express for free on this week.

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Yoku's Island Express Free on Epic Games Store Now

After a jam-packed week of Gamescom 2021 and a surprise giveaway of Saints Row: The Third Remastered as well as Automachef earlier, Epic Games is back again with another free PC game on digital distribution outlet Epic Games Store.

Starting today, Epic Store will be offering PC version of 2018 pinball platforming adventure title Yoku's Island Express that you can claim a free copy of and add to your online library of games until September 9, 9:00 AM PT/12:00 PM EDT.

Breaking its genre-barrier, Yoku's Island Express by developer Villa Gorilla and publisher Team 17 has slightly delved into Metroidvania-style gameplay that feels truly unique and its campaign mode is still decent despite some challenges.

Playing as a beetle named Yoku, there are tons of areas to explore in an open-world and secrets to discover over time. Roll your way to various 2D levels and workaround on how to make Yoku jump using bumpers, tracks or other obstacles.

Epic Games have reportedly seen an increase in PC users back in January 2021, which is almost twice than previous year. EGS had a peak of 13 million concurrent players in 2020 and numbers of monthly active user have reached 56 million.

Epic Games Store already revealed 2016 strategy role-playing game Sheltered from developer Unicube and publisher Team 17 as their upcoming freebie title for next week, which will soon become available to claim on September 9, 2021.