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PC Building Simulator Free on Epic Games Store Now

Epic Games Store is offering simulation-strategy game PC Building Simulator in freebie title giveaway for this week.

pc building simulator free game epic games store 2019 simulation-strategy irregular corporation
PC Building Simulator Free on Epic Games Store Now

When they are not busy securing upcoming exclusives, Epic Games keeps updating weekly free game lineup on their digital distribution outlet Epic Games Store for about anyone who would sign up to get these games on a regular basis.

Epic Store is offering free copies of simulation-strategy game PC Building Simulator for a limited time on PC platform that you can claim and own forever before October 14, 9:00 AM PT/12:00 PM ET, will be replacing Europa Universalis VI.

PC Master Race rejoice as developer/publisher Irregular Corporation brings you an ultimate tool to experience the excitement of building you own very personal computer from scratch using a variety of real-life components and hardware.

Whether you have a hefty budget to afford a PC of your dream, you can have that wish fulfilled at any time in PC Building Simulator. Moreover, players will learn how to diagnose for issues to fix them, running licensed software and more.

As an enthusiast of PC rigs, you get to access everything you need in your repair shop and run a successful business. Show off your tech skills to offer people simple upgrades or build them full system from ground up and make some profit.

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