Marvel's Avengers Developer Stream Teases First-Look at Spider-Man

A brief first-look at upcoming PlayStation-exclusive hero Spider-Man for Marvel's Avengers is shown lately.

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Marvel's Avengers Developer Stream Teases First-Look at Spider-Man

After a year of speculation for your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man to arrive in 2020 action brawler game Marvel's Avengers by developer Crystal Dynamics and publisher Square Enix via free version 2.2 patch, coming later in November.

Earlier this month, Square Enix announced to release long-awaited Spider-Man DLC character in upcoming post-launch content roadmap for Avengers and recently, an eagle-eyed fan catches a brief glimpse of Marvel's iconic web-slinging hero.

A quick glace of Spider-Man was shown during a latest developer stream for Marvel's Avengers this week, before a full official reveal. Although much of his posture was behind a UI message, his iconic red mask and boots can still be spotted.

Crystal Dynamics revealed to have a full story event to introduce Spider-Man titled "With Great Power" on November 30, 2021. Spidey will team up with Black Widow and Ms. Marvel to stop AIM's plan to create a Synthoid army for any cost.

A fan has shared a screenshot of Spider-Man from Marvel's Avengers developer stream on social media.

A nameplate for Spider-Man featuring iconic art of J. Scott Campbell can also be seen at top-left corner of the screen. In latest content roadmap image, Spidey is also seen fighting a Vibranium-powered Klaw-like being alongside The Avengers.

It was previously confirmed by Crystal Dynamics that Marvel's Avengers version of Spider-Man will have no connection of Insomniac's version. This allows them creative freedom to portray a unique version of Spidey with distinct personality.
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