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Little Nightmares Developer Teases Working on New Game

Swedish developer Tarsier Studios possibly teasing their next project on social media and it may not be tied to Little Nightmares.

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Little Nightmares Developer Teases Working on New Game

It took about a month for 2021 indie puzzle-platformer Little Nightmares II by developer Tarsier Studios and publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment to sell a million copies after launch and add another five hundred thousand units in late 2021.

Other than interacting with fans on social media, Tarsier Studios have been quite silent on what they are up to these days. Most recently, they have shared a brief video on Twitter, possibly for their upcoming project that is currently in works.

Tarsier Studios cryptically teases their newest project in a short video that may not be set in the Little Nightmares universe but has similar DNA. Or it could just be that dev team is working on a number of DLCs for LN2, just like its predecessor.

In a six seconds long video, Tarsier offers a glimpse at three images of different scenario, which are somehow connected altogether. You can see an abandoned and decaying barn, a car driving on a highway and Lovecraftian beast on the barn.

Tarsier Studios recently shared a clip of their new project through a number of cryptic imagery on Twitter.

After exploring psychological themes in Little Nightmares series earlier, Tarsier may be heading to Lovecraftian horror for their next game. Even if they choose to follow a new plotline, Tarsier is quite expert in making these themes of horror.

Despite having a decent fan-following and sales potential, future of Little Nightmares franchise has been uncertain for awhile now. IP rights for series belong to Bandai Namco and Tarsier only gets a little royalty revenue if it actually sells well.

Because of such circumstances, parent company Embracer Group previously stated that Tarsier will move on to create new IPs after acquisition. There is a slim possibility that Little Nightmares III may never happen and it remains as a duology.

Little Nightmares series can hold on for now if Tarsier Studios actually have something better to deliver instead. Embracer Group will probably to give them enough creative freedom to explore new ideas and come up with new fan-favorite IP.