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Resident Evil Village Almost Had Chris Redfield DLC

Instead of working on Shadows of Rose story, Capcom initially wanted a DLC focused on Chris Redfield and his mental state.

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Resident Evil Village Almost Had Chris Redfield DLC

Moving away from Umbrella Corporation storyline, developer/publisher Capcom introduced a new lead character for 2017 survival horror game Resident Evil 7: Biohazard but also launched an action-focused story, starring Chris Redfield.

Capcom is all set to release Shadows of Rose DLC story for Resident Evil: Village next month for all platforms. However, dev team originally wanted to work on a DLC entirely focused on Chris Redfield following events of Village main game.

Resident Evil insider AestheticGamer aka Dusk Golem recently shared details from a number of interviews by Capcom dev team regarding upcoming Gold Edition, which reveals interesting bits of information about early plans for Village DLC.

Instead of highlighting new protagonist Ethan Winters' teenage daughter Rose, they planned to bring back series lead Chris Redfield for another adventure into Resident Evil universe and deal with his mental state but ultimately scrapped it.

AestheticGamer shared latest finding on Shadows of Rose DLC from several Capcom interviews on Twitter.

Chris does have a playable section in RE: Village but Ethan eventually dies throughout in-game events. On his dying request, Chris took care of his daughter and Rosemary Winters showed up in an epilogue scene as a 16-years old teenager.

Shadows of Rose DLC will feature her as main character and will continue from this point but it was originally going to be Chris. Rather than being a part of Village expansion, Chris becomes a playable lead in a revamped Mercenaries mode.

Instead of focusing on his declining mental state after Ethan's death, dev team decided to work on Rose's journey into Megamycete world. Capcom can expand onto Chris' dilemma in Resident Evil 9 and it will be meaningful to all series fans.

Resident Evil Village: Shadows of Rose DLC story director Kento Kinoshita recently talked about ending Winters family saga and struggles of new third-person mode as they nearly had to make a whole new game, due to different mechanics.