Splatoon 3 Leaked Online Before Launch

Less than a week before its official release, street date for Splatoon 3 is broken and leaks are already out on social media.

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Splatoon 3 Leaked Online Before Launch

Earlier last month, upcoming Nintendo Switch-exclusive third-person shooter game Splatoon 3 by developer/publisher Nintendo banned people on console and Nintendo Switch Online, who tried to enter testing range early though mods.

Only a few days ahead of its awaited launch, street date for Splatoon 3 has been broken lately, causing many in-game footage and images to circulate across social media sites after someone was able to get their hands on physical copies.

Although most of these footage are getting removed from social media using copyright strikes to prevent fans from potential spoilers. Some players are reportedly uploading in-game files to PC and cracked versions are already out online.

Despite sharing footage of Splatoon 3 single-player mode, players are still unable to access its multiplayer before servers go live on release. Whether or not Nintendo will take action against those who posted S3 spoilers are not yet clear.

Twitter user @Splatoon3Leaks shared in-game a number of Splatoon 3 videos online ahead of its release.

Breaking of street dates and PC emulation becomes a recurring issue with every new Nintendo release. More recently, a lot of these games become available on file-sharing sites even before their official release for anyone play it for free.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 was also leaked a week ahead of its official launch and early copies got circulated online. Pokémon Legends: Arceus suffered a similar fate when people started to live streaming it on Twitch weeks before its launch.
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