Friday, May 25, 2018

World War Z First Gameplay Trailer

Paramount Pictures and Saber Interactive offers us a new look at the co-op gameplay of upcoming World War Z video game.

When Paramount Pictures and Saber Interactive decided to announce an upcoming World War Z video game based on director Marc Forster's 2013 blockbuster film of the same name starring actor Brad Pitt, we were all bedazzled by the news. The game is currently set to release in late 2018 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Today, they have unveiled a gameplay trailer that gives us a look of how this four-player co-op experience it is going to be for players.

world war z gameplay co-op e3
World War Z First Gameplay Trailer

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Even though we don't see any glimpse of Brad Pitt's portrayed protagonist character Gerry Lane anywhere in the clip, it is not any less exciting.

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The gameplay trailer takes us to one of in-game location of the snow-capped city of Moscow, where a small pack of survivors have banded together to form a sort of last stand against a huge infected populace. On top of a building, they are prepared for an incoming wave with hatchets, mounted machine guns and barricades, which are not efficient at all. The narrator explains that they are here to fulfill their sacred duty of freeing the souls of the damned lurking around.

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Suddenly, hordes of hundred zombies start pouring from nearby buildings as unknown narrator and his three comrades goes into defensive positions. Then we see cut scenes taken from the game showing us huge mass of fast running zombies unleashes upon players trying to mow down humanity like rabid dogs and they are seemingly defiant at the incoming bullet rain. Since World War Z is a four-player co-op action game, their task probably involves securing base from being overrun.

world war z gameplay moscow
Last-Stand of Moscow

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We have just seen how bad things went for Moscow with this clip. Paramount and Saber Interactive will probably feature New York and Jerusalem in their upcoming trailers. Hopefully, the game will reveal more information during E3 2018 and can even reveal a story trailer or something like that. Aside from venturing some locations we saw before, it doesn't look like that the game has any relation to the film it is based on and just trying to cash-in its overwhelming success.