Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Death Stranding No Longer Listed PS4-Exclusive

Upcoming highly-anticipated social strand game Death Stranding by Hideo Kojima is no longer a PS4-exclusive title.

When video game director Hideo Kojima revealed an official release date for his upcoming anticipated action game Death Stranding back in May 2019, a strong rumor of a PC version release started emerging on social media.

Italian journalist Antonio Fucito came up with some hints that the game may come to PC on a later date back then. Now, it is no longer included among PlayStation 4-exclusive list and even though not a 100% confirmation, this is a clear hint.

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Death Stranding No Longer Listed PS4-Exclusive

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Fucito originally spoke on a Twitch stream about the game being a timed exclusive on PS4 consoles for six months or so and his takeaway was Death Stranding official box art is missing "Only on PlayStation" branding.

No assurance of this claim was confirmed so far from developer Kojima Productions and publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment. However, Sony's official sites worldwide removing it from their exclusives lists tell a lot already.

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Throughout its entire history of existence, Sony has marketed the game as a PS4-exclusive and since they are not labeling it as one, rumors of the game heading over to PC platform after six months or a year seems more like a possibility.

Sony let Kojima use their in-house property, Decima Engine for his project that was used to develop PS4-exclusive game Horizon Zero Dawn and they have consistently promoted the game to build enough hype among fans.

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Earlier, Hideo Kojima announced to showcase an "exclusive new look" of Death Stranding on August 19, opening night of Gamescom 2019. Although many believe it to be a new trailer, it could end up being a PC version announcement.

While Kojima is more open about his game, Sony likes to keep things under wraps. That is exactly why just being delisted from their exclusive titles catalog after May 2019 doesn't confirm anything until they officially announce it.