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Death Stranding May Come to PC

After a timed exclusive period on PlayStation 4, Hideo Kojima's upcoming masterpiece Death Stranding may come to PC.

After action focused PlayStation 4 game Death Stranding has revealed its upcoming release date lately, a new rumor starting spreading around that it may also be coming to PC and that is something people are wondering for a while.

Italian journalist Antonio Fucito recently hints on a Twitch stream that the game is speculated to have a timed PS4 exclusivity period of around six months or so and then a PC version is very much possible to happen if not 100% confirmed.

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Death Stranding May Come to PC

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He already established his credentials with sources earlier when he posted the game's release date 24 hours ahead of reveal on Twitter.

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Fucito also reflected on its box art not featuring "Only on PlayStation" branding because DS will probably arrive on PC on a later date but there won't be an Xbox One version. He is not sure if it will remain exclusive for six month or a whole year though.

We have yet to have a confirmation from developer Kojima Productions and publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment if any of his claims are true but he never has claimed once that any of this information he shared is concrete.

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Even before Kojima Productions and Sony came up with a definitive title for their team-up effort, there was mention of a PC release in a now-deleted Medium Q&A post by EU community manager of PlayStation back in 2015.

That being said, Sony has never marketed Death Stranding as a PS4-exclusive, even in promo arts. Considering how Quantic Dream studio has brought their PlayStation games to PC most recently, there surely is some loophole in exclusivity term.

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Besides, game director Hideo Kojima and his studio are using Decima Engine from Guerrilla Games, which is owned by Sony and Kojima wouldn't be able to resist much if they decide to release the game on PC at a later date.

Antonio Fucito clarified that Death Stranding coming to PC is not 100% confirmed as its release date, which he knew in advance. His speculated solely based on lack of an exclusivity logo on box and initial announcement of 2015 but he is still pretty sure about his claim.