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PlayStation Plus Free Games for October 2019

October 2019 free games lineup for PlayStation Plus includes The Last of Us Remastered and MLB: The Show 19.

In their third and most recent broadcast of State of Play livestream, members of PlayStation Plus are given a look of upcoming two free PlayStation 4 games lineup for the month of October by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

After complaints from subscribers for past few months, the subscription platform has put out some good games at last. Before new titles arrive for next month on PS Plus, members can still download and play Batman: Arkham Knight and Darksiders III.

the last of us remastered mlb the show 19 game ps4 plus sony interactive entertainment
PlayStation Plus Free Games for October 2019

We already have a definitive release date of February 21, 2020 set for The Last of Us Part II but before the sequel to post-apocalyptic survival horror adventure arrives, players have a chance to relive an epic journey of Joel and Ellie.

When civilization is fallen after a global pandemic, survivor Joel and Ellie came together by situation to become inseparable. The Last of Us Remastered includes both the main game and its DLC expansion pack The Last of Us: Left Behind.

the last of us remastered game ps4 plus naughty dog sony interactive entertainment
The Last of Us Remastered on PlayStation Plus Free Games

If you have some spare time in hand for some simulation baseball game, then developer SIE San Diego Studio have you covered with MLB: The Show 19, most recent outing from popular sports franchise based on Major League Baseball.

Anyone joining between October 1 and October 31 will receive some free in-game content. Redeem five free packs to get a Diamond player for your squad in Diamond Dynasty trading card mode and equipments for Road to the Show player.

mlb the show 19 game ps4 plus sie san diego studio sony interactive entertainment
MLB: The Show 19 on PlayStation Plus Free Games

October 2019 is going to be perhaps the biggest month for PlayStation Plus free games and will keep everyone busy till next month. Sony has put two of their top demanding titles on their subscription service for first time only for fans.

Both TLoU and MLB 19 will become available for October 1 to November 4, 2019 on PS Plus. Aside from new freebie lineup for each month, members also enjoy 100 GB cloud storage for game saves and exclusive discounts on PS4 games.