Thursday, October 3, 2019

Death Stranding TV Commercial Trailer

Norman Reedus narrates Sam's journey in world of Death Stranding in a newly released TV commercial trailer.

After initial announcement back in E3 2016 event, developer Kojima Productions and publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment took their sweet time in revealing more details on their upcoming action game Death Stranding.

Now that we are only a month away from its official release date of November 8, 2019, game director Hideo Kojima has slowly started unpacking bits and pieces of his much anticipated PlayStation 4-exclusive title for eager fans.

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Death Stranding TV Commercial Trailer

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In a latest reveal, official YouTube channel for PlayStation launched a brand-new TV commercial trailer today.

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Opening scene of the commercial will come to anyone unfamiliar with concept of Death Stranding as a dramatic portrayal of a delivery man's journey who is just out there facing his daily woes to do his job but it is far more than that.

Actor Norman Reedus (The Boondock Saints, The Walking Dead) starring in as lead character Sam Porter Bridges, who is on a critical mission to unite a disconnected civilization by reconnecting its people by creating bonds among them.

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Sam walks near the edge of a crater that was created by a "Voidout" and sees a group of MULE enemies coming for him. Rather than engaging, he tries to avoid them and even refrain from killing even though his rivals were not feeling the same.

Yet he kept moving to do his job despite all obstacles thrown at him and at one point, Sam his Bridge Baby to see one of the menacing otherworldly beings known as "Beached Things" or simply called BTs slowly arise from ground far-off.

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Despite being overly vague as always, new trailer actually cut to the chase and explains what Sam is up to. Narrated by Reedus himself, the video may draw some extra attention from television audience due to his popularity in TWD.

At launch, Death Stranding will be available in four different editions for PS4 console and Collector's Edition is worth $199.99. Hideo Kojima has assured fans that its multiplayer aspect will not require subscription to PlayStation Plus.