Monday, April 27, 2020

The Last of Us Part 2 Story Leaked

Pre-launch footage of The Last of Us Part II gameplay and story containing major spoilers has been leaked online.

If recent crisis of COVID-19 pandemic has not been creating enough problems for launch of upcoming PlayStation 4-exclusive game The Last of Us Part II already, a series of newly leaked footage online has made everything even worse.

Earlier this month, The Last of Us 2 was delayed indefinitely from previously scheduled May 29 date due to global Coronavirus outbreak and today, videos of major story elements containing spoilers are leaked on social media ahead of launch.

the last of us part 2 story leaked resetera
The Last of Us Part 2 Story Leaked

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It was only weeks ago when developer Naughty Dog and publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment were reportedly trying their best to release The Last of Us Part 2 as soon as possible despite a number of logistical issues.

A month prior to that, Jason Schreier of Kotaku reports on ND employees complaining about a "crunch culture" at workplace. Turns out, these leaked footages are being spread by a disgruntled dev team staff due to a payment dispute.


Apparently, a bunch of YouTube videos of Last of Us Part 2 story was leaked online from ResetEra gaming forum. Even though many are pulled down immediately, some re-uploads are still live on many sites and social platforms.

These clips has shed lights on Ellie's relationship with her newfound love interest Dina, status of Joel and a level list that hints at switching character in the middle of a playthrough, which will allow players to experience a different viewpoint.

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One small clip from video hosting site Streamable that was found of Reddit that has survived an initial purge (and were deleted afterwards) shows a scene of Dina and Ellie were about to get intimate with each other in their nightclothes.

However, their personal moment is interrupted by sudden arrival of Jesse, guy of Asian descent who was previously in relationship with Dina. A moment of awkwardness among them hints at a sort of romantic triangle, mentioned in earlier leak.

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Aside from story cut-scenes, leaked gameplay video suggests of playable multiplayer factions. There were dates on pre-release footage and screenshots that reveal these gameplay clips are from internal builds of February and March.

Naughty Dog has acknowledged these huge story leaks and is greatly disappointed at this unfortunate incident. Studio vice president and game director Neil Druckmann asks fans to avoid any spoilers on social media until release.

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Regarding recent leak, Naughty Dog studio has released a statement from their official Twitter account for fans.

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Given another 4Chan leak form early April 2020, The Last of Us 2 will be exploring a revenge story of Ellie against a homophobic Christian cult. Several major plot points from that report actually matches very closely to latest leaked reels.

Though many shocking in-game moments are already spoiled by unauthorized tapes, The Last of Us Part II fans can only try to avoid spoilers by restrict themselves from reading Facebook, Twitter and YouTube comments for a few months.