Thursday, May 7, 2020

Scarlet Nexus Announced for Next-Gen Release

Bandai Namco announces action RPG title Scarlet Nexus at Inside Xbox event for next-gen console release.

On latest episode of Inside Xbox event, developer/publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment reveals their upcoming action role-playing game Scarlet Nexus for PC via Steam, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

Bandai Namco has assembled dev team members who previously worked on Tales of series, including Tales of Vesperia to develop their first major title for next-gen console systems, which is currently scheduled to release in 2020.

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Scarlet Nexus Announced for Next-Gen Release

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A brand-new announcement trailer for Scarlet Nexus has been launched to briefly showcase its plot premise.

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In a distant future, human brain started producing psionic hormone and developed incredible powers that literally changed the world. Though a new era of humanity began, a strange mutant species called Others came after their brains.

Since these enemies couldn't be harmed though regular means, people with special abilities came together and formed Other Suppression Force, a last line of defense made of psionic scouts to save humanity from certain extinction.

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Players will assume role of protagonist character Yuito Sumeragi, a young member of OSF who is gifted with psycho-kinesis powers. His sword-like primary melee weapon can be thrown at enemies amidst fights and it will come back at him.

Yuito can also throw heavy objects using his powers and your surroundings become your biggest ally during a fight. Enemy forces mostly consist of weird-looking humanoid creatures with flower vases for upper body part and no head.

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For Microsoft family of devices, Scarlet Nexus will be supporting Smart Delivery system so that players who would buy a copy on Xbox One can enjoy the game on Series X console as well, simply with a free update from developers.

Scarlet Nexus has a visual style similar to God Eater/Code Vein and with gameplay mechanics seemingly inspired from Devil May Cry series. Its overall aesthetics aims to reinvent classic JRPG genre with futuristic design and combat system.