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The Last of Us 2 Fans Angry Over Change in Trailer Moment

Naughty Dog changing a scene from The Last of Us Part II trailer in final game has made some fans upset.

Going through a number of delays, PlayStation 4-exclusive The Last of Us Part II from developer Naughty Dog and publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment is finally released this week and has seen an overwhelming reception worldwide.

Aside from getting brutally review-bombed on Metacritic for its poor writing, fans are now getting pissed at Naughty Dog for deceptively changing a key-moment within The Last of Us Part 2 game from a trailer shown last year.

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The Last of Us 2 Fans Angry Over Change in Trailer Moment

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Already spotted by many who started playing TLoU2, final release of the game is changed from what was originally shown in a previous trailer and some users on Reddit has even pointed it out for other players to take notice as well.

In release date reveal trailer from back in September 2019, Ellie is seen to be grabbed by a character that turns out to be Joel. This scene plays out different in original game where she is met by her friend Jesse instead of her mentor.

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Reddit user DictatorInPerpetuity has put up a comparison of how Naughty Dog has fooled TLoU2 players.

Incoming False Advertising Settlement Money go Brrrrr from r/TheLastOfUs2

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Some players who trusted Naughty Dog despite story leaks floating around online are genuinely upset about such bait and switch. Some are even calling this an example of false advertising, given how much plot context has been altered.

Video game developers often make changes to in-game segments that are shown in trailer and such action is not surprising in case of TLoU2. Dev team for The Last of Us II has probably done this to keep potential spoilers under wrap till launch.

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Players were waiting for TLoU sequel to give a proper sendoff to a beloved series character like Joel Miller but not only was he given a pathetic ending, his fake presence was shamelessly used to deceitfully hype up fans for almost no reason.

The Last of Us Part II is a long-anticipated sequel of 2013 survival horror game The Last of Us for PlayStation 3. Despite its reputation is ruined due to recent controversy, Naughty Dog is not likely to suffer from any loss of sales or whatsoever.