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Capcom Artist Teases Ōkami Sequel

Ikumi Nakamura, original dev team member for Ōkami thinks chances of a sequel by Capcom are "pretty high".

Arguably one of the best artistic video games ever, action-adventure title Ōkami from developer Clover Studio and publisher Capcom has crossed over to two generation of gaming systems after its PlayStation 2 release in 2006.

In a recent interview with IGN Japan, renowned video game artist and freelance creative director Ikumi Nakamura says that she believes that there is a great chance for a Ōkami sequel to happen and she is planning a pitch already.

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Capcom Artist Teases Ōkami Sequel

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Nakamura was a former dev team member for original Ōkami, which was praised for its art style and inspired by Legend of Zelda series. Though it was not a flagship title for Capcom, they released a sequel for Nintendo DS and an HD remaster.

Ikumi Nakamura became a very influential and popular figure among gaming industry following her appearance on E3 2019 event presenting upcoming action-adventure game GhostWire: Tokyo, a project that she isn't working on anymore.

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Key part of Nakamura's interview on a new Ōkami game was picked by translator from an hour-long interview.

As long as [I go] after it [I think] the chances are pretty high that it might become a reality. Actually, after quarantine is over and the world becomes normal again [I am] planning to make a visit to Capcom and propose the idea.

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Nakamura is heavily pushing for a follow-up game to Ōkami as she believes there is huge part of story aspects to be told. She wants to pitch an idea to Capcom and wants Hideki Kamiya to return as director to maintain artistic integrity.

Other than working on Ōkami, Kamiya and Nakamura collaborated on projects like Bayonetta and The Evil Within. They even teased for a sequel to Ōkami via a short-video on Twitter by posing together in front of Platinum Games logo.

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In recent years, a high-definition port for Ōkami arrived on Nintendo Switch, PC via Steam, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Capcom can work with Platinum Games to flesh out another classic title and delve into aspects of 3D as well.

On eve of a major next-gen console reveal event for PlayStation 5 up ahead, a sequel to Ōkami actually seem like a great idea after a decade as it has potential to explore new mythical landscapes and drive a new generation of players to it.