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Resident Evil 8: Village Will Release for Next-Gen Only

Capcom announced Resident Evil 8: Village at PS5 reveal event for Windows PC and next-gen consoles only.

Although there has been no confirmation from developer/publisher Capcom about upcoming survival horror title Resident Evil 8 since release of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, known insiders leaked many interesting details online.

With recent showcase of PlayStation 5 Reveal Event, an official announcement was made by Capcom for Resident Evil VIII: Village, which is currently set to arrive for next-gen consoles as a follow-up sequel to Resident Evil 7.

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Resident Evil 8: Village Will Release for Next-Gen Only

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From its debut trailer and official press release, it seems that Resident Evil Village will only be launched on PC via Steam, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, despite an early retailer leak of PlayStation 4 version suggested cross-gen release.

Capcom originally started development of RE: Village as a cross-generation game but due to unintended circumstances, they recently had to shift focus on next-generation consoles only, according to industry leaker AestheticGamer.

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In recent Twitter thread, AestheticGamer aka Dusk Golem revealed reasons for RE8 becoming a next-gen title.

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Even four months ago, Capcom planned to release Resident Evil 8 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms but that idea had to abandon midway because of longer loading times of last-gen consoles and a major graphical overhaul.

To get over these setbacks, Capcom simply stopped working on PS4 and Xbox versions so RE8 will have almost no loading time at all. Also, they can push for better graphics quality in next-gen without being stuck to last-gen system.

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RE8: Village brings back Ethan Winters from RE7, who has resumed a normal life in peace with his wife Mia. Then one day BSAA agent Chris Redfield suddenly showed up at his doorstep to cause a tragic event, throwing his life into turmoil.

There were rumors of Resident Evil 8 being the darkest among whole RE series, featuring scary enemy designs and a redesigned Chris Redfield will be serving as an antagonist, many of which has already been confirmed in recent trailer.

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Those who have missed a first-look at Resident Evil VIII: Village can take a look at its official trailer below.

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Village has a lot of loading zones and travelling though locations to focus on exploration, which was limited by its last-gen versions. Resident Evil 8 is playable now but Capcom is working on a graphical overhaul, starting in late 2019.

Given how Resident Evil VIII: Village continues to pursue first-person horror, there might be a version to support PSVR in future eventually. Capcom may also end up announcing PlayStation 4 and Xbox One port for RE8 on a later date.