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Sony Reaches Out Reviewer Over The Last of Us 2 Criticisms

Vice reporter was reached out by Sony representative over his critical review of The Last of Us Part II.

As expected, PlayStation 4-exclusive action-adventure game The Last of Us Part II from developer Naughty Dog and publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment made a strong opening by selling over 4 million copies in three days.

Generally, majority of news outlets had nothing but praise for The Last of Us Part 2, except a few who were a bit critical of its execution. In a weird follow-up move, Sony has reached out to one of these reviewers over some criticism.

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Sony Reaches Out Reviewer Over The Last of Us 2 Criticisms

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Sony representative contacted Rob Zacny of Vice regarding his statement of Naught Dog has attempted to repeat with what they already have shown in their previous games and TLoU2 character motivation weren't much compelling.

Zacny was told that his conclusions were somewhat unfair and he dismissed few meaningful changes. Though their exchange was pleasant but it was very unusual for a publisher like Sony to reach out about a review they didn't quite liked.

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Sometime big-name publishers can reach out to individuals for sure but contacting someone for their criticism over a particular game is totally unheard of, especially when that title has become the fastest-selling first-party PS4-exclusive ever.

Naughty Dog and Sony were also very selective about which outlet will get The Last of Us II review copies, most probably because of many outlets reporting on alleged "Crunch Culture" to call out their unfair treatment of all employees.

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Though many reviewers have given The Last of Us 2 a perfect review score, many fans were pretty disappointed with how Naughty Dog has chose to end this saga with death of a beloved character and review-bombed it on Metacritic.

Even game director Neil Druckmann has admitted that The Last of Us Part II is bound to create disagreement among fans. People can always disagree and debate but that often turns into ugly fight whenever it comes to a popular fandom.