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The Last of Us Part 2 Slammed on Reddit

Even dedicated sub-Reddit for The Last of Us Part II has turned against it with hatred for many reasons.

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The Last of Us Part 2 Slammed on Reddit

After a number of delays, PlayStation 4-exclusive action-adventure title The Last of Us Part II from developer Naughty Dog and publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment is finally released to mixed reaction from critics and fans worldwide.

Shortly after its launch, people started review-bombing TLoU2 on Metacritic before moving over to its dedicated sub-Reddit, bashing over PS4-exclusive sequel of The Last of Us over various reasons with complaints and criticism.

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Usually, people visit specific video game sub-Reddits to praise or talk positive about a certain title before and after launch. However, things turned completely different in case of The Last of Us Part 2 and people are voicing their anger.

Majority of fan-base are expressing their frustration together at Naughty Dog for mistreating one of their most popular franchises by brutally killing off a beloved protagonist and taking a very controversial approach to overall storyline.

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Against thousands of user reviews slamming The Last of Us 2, most critics with games industry have showered praise for TLoU2 on Metacritic, making it a must-play title on PS4 and raising suspicion over a conspiracy to boost AAA sales.

Ever since The Last of Us Part II suffered a major story leak months back, its fan-community on Reddit and other social media mostly tried to stay positive until official release but that too has changed after the game eventually came out lately.


Most criticism are directed at how beloved character Joel Miller was clubbed to death by new character Abby from his past that he never knew of and then Ellie's quest for revenge meeting a meaningless end due to her refusal of killing her.

There was accusation of game director Neil Druckmann trying to insert his "forced agenda" with characters and themes of TLoU2. They took issue with Abby being overly muscular than regular females and even assumed her as transgender.

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Understandably, there is a divide between people who are mad with story direction leading to Joel's death and the ones that actively harasses voice actress Laura Bailey (Final Fantasy XIII, Gears of War 4) on social media for portraying Abby.

Some even theorizes that Anita Sarkeesian has played a major influential role in changing story direction, which Druckmann denies even though there is video evidence of him admitting being inspired from her "Tropes in Video Games" series.

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Naughty Dog and Sony has also made a case of huge bait and switch where they have shown Joel in trailer for a specific sequence, giving hope to players to have more presence of him only to replace him with Ellie's friend Jesse in final game.

The Last of Us Part II is likely to sell millions of copies and break records but a faction of players who were hardcore loyalists will be very skeptical from now on and will think twice before spending their money on future Naughty Dog games.