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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Sold 5 Million Copies

Square Enix reveals to have sold over 5 million copies of Final Fantasy VII Remake since its launch.

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Final Fantasy VII Remake Sold 5 Million Copies

Despite having being released amidst a worldwide pandemic of COVID-19, action role-playing game Final Fantasy VII Remake from developer/publisher Square Enix became became fastest-selling PlayStation 4-exclusive ever at launch.

In a recent announcement, Square Enix officially revealed to have shipped and digitally sold over 5 million copies of Final Fantasy Remake so far, which makes the game their highest-selling digital release on PlayStation platform ever.

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As a modern-day remake of original PlayStation title, FFVIIR is completely built from ground-up for PS4 consoles. Square Enix has reimagined fan-favorite protagonist Cloud Strife from 1997 classic title for a new generation of audience.

FFVII Remake is having a huge sale and is currently available to purchase digitally at 34% off on PlayStation Store, for $39.59 only. Much of its DLC add-ons and PS4 dynamic themes are also made free for players until August 19, 2020.

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FFVII Remake remains a timed exclusive on Sony console until April 10, 2021 and may debut on other platforms at some point. FF7R debuting on other platforms will only increase its overall lifetime sales and set some new milestones.

At this point, fans are eagerly waiting for a sequel and Square Enix has confirmed working on developing part two of Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Like its predecessor, FFVII Remake sequel is most likely to be a title exclusive to PlayStation.