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New Batman Game, Gotham Knights Revealed

WB Games reveals latest Batman video game Gotham Knights featuring Bat-Family, which is not set in Arkham universe.

For last two years, rumors of a new Batman game based on "Batman: The Court of Owls" storyline were floating around and developer WB Games Montréal eventually started teasing their secret project on annual Batman Day 2019.

Today, WB Games officially revealed their newest Batman adventure titled Gotham Knights, an upcoming action role-playing game for Windows PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X in a panel during DC FanDome event.

gotham knights new batman game reveal
New Batman Game, Gotham Knights Revealed

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World premiere trailer for Gotham Knights featuring Bat-Family is revealed by WB Montréal at DC FanDome.

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Amidst chaos running amok in Gotham City, news of billionaire Bruce Wayne dying in a massive explosion is aired. Soon, a distress call is sent out to Bat-Family members Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood and Robin with a recorded message.

Labeled as "Code Black", it relays a message from Bruce in anticipation of certain unfortunate event when he will dead and Batcave is destroyed. He passed the torch of protecting Gotham City to his former sidekicks, carrying out his legacy.

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In his absence, Barbara, Dick, Jason and Tim bands together as watchful protectors of Gotham against its villains. These heroes are given Belfry, a brand-new base of operation containing all his files with a bit outdated gears and technology.

In an epilogue, a creepy looking figure wearing an owl mask is seen approaching and a child-voice describes how Gotham's urban legend Court of Owls that no one talks about nor whispers about, yet their Talons can surely strike you dead.

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A pre-alpha footage of Gotham Knights official gameplay walkthrough was also showcased at DC FanDome.

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Gotham Knights invites players to assume role of one of the four other members crime-fighting partners of The Dark Knight and video playthrough embedded above features major Bat-Family member Batgirl in primary role alongside Robin.

In response to a call of emergency, Batgirl hops on her Batpod and heads over to Elliot Center that has suddenly been covered in ice. Her walkthrough begins halfway through storey arc of Mr. Freeze and twelve hours into gameplay.

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You can either finish a campaign playthrough as single-player or join in for a two-player co-op action. Robin joins her shortly afterwards by teleporting as he recently found access to Justice League satellite for short-range transportation.

Batgirl takes down a goon by jumping on him from above with a similar technique used by her mentor. Aside from serving as her primary weapons, she can instantly turn her batons into a pair of nunchucks and switch between them.

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She gets up to a ledge where Robin accompanies her as they start clearing out Freeze's lackeys deep inside Elliot Center. Thugs will usually present regular level of challenge and to indicate damage, enemies have mini-health bars now.

Soon as she reaches to weather machine and places a disruptor, Mr. Freeze shows up out of nowhere and a boss-fight ensues. As you gain abilities and power-up, your enemies will keep up as well to match with your experience level.

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In between missions, players will often receive information from detective Renee Montoya who works for Gotham City Police Department and Wayne Family butler Alfred Pennyworth, who is now called Belfry by members of Bat-Family.

WB Montréal is trying to break out of Batman: Arkham-style gameplay that was revolutionized and popularized by Rocksteady. For first time in franchise history, co-op gameplay is introduced and occasionally you can toggle to split-screen.

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Batman is not returning for Gotham Knights or that is what WB Montréal claims even though evidence suggests otherwise. They never finished saying Bruce Wayne is "dead" during intro of the trailer and he can also fake his own demise.

There is obviously a larger plot involving Court of Owls and their reach throughout Gotham is far-deep than one can imagine. Realizing that they can come after him or Bat-Family, he clearly staged his death so he can investigate further.

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Fans were almost certain that latest Batman game will be titled Court of Owls but WB Games ended up naming it Gotham Knights. However, key-focus of its storyline is still unclear despite showing off a dreaded secret society of Gotham.

Although lot of hype were built regarding a reveal event, Gotham Knights does very little to impress with its display of co-op gameplay. WB Games can certainly win over fans if they avoid a live-service model stay focused to main story.