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Halo Infinite Delayed to 2021

343 Industries and Microsoft have officially moved Halo Infinite holiday 2020 release window to 2021.

In mid-July, developer 343 Industries and SkyBox Labs, in association with publisher Xbox Game Studios has unveiled a much-anticipated gameplay for upcoming first-person shooter title Halo Infinite at Xbox Games Showcase digital event.

Response from player community was largely negative and as a follow-up to fan-backlash, 343 Industries studio head Chris Lee recently came out announcing an inevitable delay of release until 2021 on social media citing multiple factors.

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Halo Infinite Delayed to 2021

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Reaction from fans to first gameplay demo received a lot of criticisms online for its graphics that doesn't seem very "next-gen". Many even pointed out that its graphics looked outdated, much more in line with Halo: Combat Evolved.

Xbox games marketing manager Aaron Greenberg came to defend their work saying Halo Infinite is still a "work-in-progress" and claimed that there was enough time for dev team to do some polishing before holiday 2020 launch date.

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Recent official statement from Chris Lee on Twitter reveals current development update of Halo Infinite.

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343 had to come to a hard decision to move release window for one of the biggest launch titles for Xbox Series X to 2021. Chris Lee pointed out development challenges during ongoing COVID-19 pandemic among many contributing factors.

Latest statement from 343 studio boss Chris Lee has only confirmed what many were already suspecting for a while. Although a very difficult decision, Microsoft had to ensure that they can deliver a definitive Halo game experience for all.

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Despite Lee making no direct reference to immense player backlash received from Xbox Games Showcase last month, it's safe to assume that they were forced to postpone Xbox Series X launch title upon failing to live up to fan-expectations.

Halo Infinite was originally planned to release in holiday 2020 with next-gen console launch but is now pushed back unfortunately. Series X will make its debut on November and Microsoft has yet to announce a new release date for Infinite.