The Last of Us Part 2 Grounded Update Release Date

Naughty Dog is adding Grounded difficulty, Permadeath mode and more in upcoming The Last of Us Part II update.

A day after showing up on PlayStation trophies section, Grounded mode has been announced for PlayStation 4-exclusive action-adventure game The Last of Us Part II by developer Naughty Dog and publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment.

In an attempt to continue legacy of original Grounded difficulty mode from The Last of Us, new features, gameplay modes, Trophies and more will be included in upcoming much-anticipated update, set to arrive for TLoU2 on August 13, 2020.

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The Last of Us Part 2 Grounded Update Release Date

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Shortly after a leak, Naughty Dog announces to release free Grounded update for The Last of Us Part II.

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As first major post-launch content update, Grounded will introduce a challenging difficulty setting and introduce permadeath mode. Players who believe that Survivor mode is not much of a brutal experience will appreciate Grounded.

If you choose to play smartly, The Last of Us 2 is not extremely tough and Grounded update will crank everything up to eleven. Crafting items will become scarce, enemies will be deadlier, HUD is removed and Listen Mode gets fully disabled.

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After patching TLoU2 to version 1.05, players will get Grounded difficulty mode unlocked at start. The Last of Us never had a permadeath mode and now Naughty Dog challenges you to complete the entire run without dying even once.

Since there are no second chances, players can enable checkpoints within Permadeath mode on per-act basis or per-chapter basis. You can get a Platinum Trophy for The Last of Us 2 even if you fail to earn Trophies for Grounded and Permadeath.

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Naughty Dog is also adding a bunch of unlockable gameplay modifiers to add various twists in your playthrough. For example, enabling one-hit kills makes a really intense experience while Infinite Listen Mode Range can spice things up.

A number of noteworthy modifiers are 4-bit Audio, 8-bit Audio, Bullet Speed mode, Helium Audio, Infinite Ammo, Infinite Crafting, Infinite Melee Durability, Mirror on Death, Mirror World, One Shot, Slow Motion and Xenon Audio.

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Naughty Dog also adds several audio and visual modifiers as well to let you tweak with various graphics rendering modes. Your game can either look like a retro 8-bit era adventure or can become a cel-shaded version of The Last of Us 2.

Grounded update includes some minor features and options like aiming acceleration scale, accessibility improvements, collectible tracking, display playtime up to the second for speed-runners and much more for The Last of Us Part II.
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