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Streets of Rage 4 Releases Patch to Celebrate 1.5 Million Sales

DotEmu releases newest balancing update for Streets of Rage 4 to celebrate reaching 1.5 million downloads.

A long-awaited return to Streets of Rage franchise since 1994, classic beat 'em up game Streets of Rage 4 came out on April 2020 for major current generation gaming systems like Nintendo Switch, Windows PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Today, SoR4 reaches an exciting milestone of 1.5 million downloads and releases a brand-new balancing update. There is a long list of balance changes, bug fixes and improvements to look at, which players can find in detailed Patch Notes.

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Streets of Rage 4 Releases Patch to Celebrate 1.5 Million Sales

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Across available platforms, developer DotEmu has rolled out patch version 1.03 with a host of change that are mostly centered around main roster of playable characters Axel Stone, Adam Hunter, Blaze Fielding, Cherry Hunter and Floyd Iraia.

Heroes of Wood Oak City are tweaked for better speed of movement, use of special abilities and removal of infinite combo loops. For a much fairer experience to play Streets of Rage 4, enemies and stages receives some necessary changes.

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DotEmu also pointed out that players who own physical edition of PS4 version cannot access the update just yet as they are currently working on an issue which put a stop from latest patch to go live and apologized for an unintentional delay.

Online improvements bring better fluidity and stability for multiplayer experience with less latency. Other notable alterations include boss characters essentially being nerfed a little bit, rare random crashes getting fixed and much more.

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Players already realized that Streets of Rage 4 had a pretty successful run so far even before DotEmu could reveal its impressive sales numbers and they already announced to develop extra downloadable content as DLC expansions very soon.

Following an announcement back in 2018, Streets of Rage 4 debuted as a follow-up to franchise after Streets of Rage 3 since 1994. SoR4 launch was able to catch up with players' anticipation, thanks to DotEmu, Guard Crush Games and Lizardcube.