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Cancelled Arkham Knight Sequel Game Scrapped Batman Concept Art Revealed

Latest scrapped concept art from a cancelled Batman: Arkham Knight sequel reveals futuristic version of Batman.

Upon cancelling several projects following release of Batman: Arkham Knight in 2015, publisher Warner Bros. Interactive finally settled working on Gotham Knights and Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, revealed at DC Fandome.

After a spectacular reveal of scrapped design for villainous King Shark earlier, concept artist Jerad S. Marantz has recently shared a batch of futuristic Batman art from an alleged sequel of Arkham Knight game that got cancelled.

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Cancelled Arkham Knight Sequel Game Scrapped Batman Concept Art Revealed

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Freelance designer Jerad Marantz often shares many of his work on ArtStation and Instagram. Last week, he shared concept arts for a fearsome King Shark and revealed artwork for a high-tech Batsuit from a cancelled game lately.

In a first glance, anyone can mistake it for Flashpoint Batman character art from a live-action movie based on DC Comics crossover event. On second thought, this one seems to be heavily inspired Batman Beyond version of Batsuit.

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Jerad Marantz has taken Instagram to publish his unused work for a cancelled Batman video game.

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To fuel a theory that his shown artwork from a now-canceled Arkham Knight sequel probably took Batman Beyond as a source of inspiration, Marantz even casually added "#batmanbeyond" in his post alongside other related hashtags.

Also, one simply cannot ignore the fact that Marantz's concept of Batman looks awfully similar to actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, The Walking Dead) in a sleek Batsuit from alternate timeline of Flashpoint.

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WB Games MontrĂ©al has assembled members of Bat-Family for upcoming Gotham Knights now and Rocksteady Studios will continue Arkhamverse timeline outside of Gotham City with Suicide Squad trying to take down Justice League.

Things were not always been that simple though and both studios had even switched projects where WB Games teased Task Force X at the end of Batman: Arkham Origins while Arkham Knight drew a conclusion to solo Batman saga.

batman thomas wayne flashpoint timeline dc comics jason fabok
Batman of Flashpoint Timeline

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There is also a strong possibility of Jason Todd taking up the mantle of Batman in future instead of young Terry McGinnis. Since these concept designs belong to a now-cancelled game, you may never see them in any future project at all.

Warner Bros. Interactive is not interested in reviving Batman: Arkham series anytime soon but still attempts to maintain a connection to Arkhamverse thorough a slightly different looking group of villains from Batman's rogues' gallery.