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Modern Warfare and Warzone Halloween Event Live Now

Infinity Ward and Activision brings new Modern Warfare and Warzone content for "Haunting of Verdansk", limited time Halloween event.

Ahead of Halloween celebration, developer Infinity Ward and publisher Activision has already revealed a limited time event for first-person shooter Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and free-to-play battle royale Call of Duty: Warzone.

Modern Warfare and Warzone is kicking off Halloween event "Haunting of Verdansk" today, adding new multiplayer game modes, Trick or Treat rewards as well as themed skins bundle from SAW and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Modern Warfare and Warzone Halloween Event Live Now

To celebrate Halloween this year, Haunting of Verdansk event begins right away for MW and WZ players.

Halloween-Themed Bundles
Latest content drop for Modern Warfare and Warzone Season 6 has turned Verdansk map into a spooky hunting ground. Operators reported sighting of a serial killer wearing a vicarious mask wandering around and some creepy laugher.

To get into Halloween spirit, purchase SAW and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre bundles from in-game store. Aside from Leatherface and Billy the Puppet skins, there are blueprints, equipment and various other personalized items to get.

Billy The Puppet Skin

SAW bundle includes a Cargo Truck skin, special throwing knife, tricycle Charm and much more. TTCM bundle adds "Family Heirloom" LMG blueprint, stock attachment, slaughterhouse melee weapon vehicle horn and some themed items.

Another bundle features a character from Gulag, an urban legend named Dr. Karlov who comes charging at battle royale squads wielding two electricity and energy-based weapon blueprints, a throwing knife, vehicle skin and cosmetic items.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Bundle

Haunting of Verdansk content drop brings out a fully automatic JAK-12 shotgun, equipped with open bolt blowback system. By completing challenges, you can find explosive rounds, 32-round drum magazine and its unique attachments.

Nighttime variant of Verdansk map will be available on select multiplayer modes where players can find more scares to encounter. Although it won't be completely dark, Operators are advised to take in thermal optics into loadout drops.

"Pumpkin Punisher" Assault Rifle

Trick or Treat Reward System
Newly added "Trick or Treat" reward system will greet you with good blueprints or frights inside supply boxes. You can collect up to 16 rewards including "Pumpkin Punisher" Legendary Assault Rifle blueprint with attachments for Warzone.

Moreover, you can also get "Return to Dust" Assault Rifle blueprint, "The Cleaver" Legendary melee blueprint, charms, holographic watch, stickers, sprays, calling cards and emblems inside supply boxes around Verdansk at day or night.

Zombie Royale Limited-Time Mode

Zombie Royale
Battle royale experience gets an undead twist as Zombie Royale, where army of skeletal undead with glowing eyes will come out at midnight. Operators who died fighting zombies will return to life as zombies instead of being sent to Gulag.

Reanimated soldiers are given increased speed, improved jumps, melee attacks, thermal vision and have supernatural abilities. Whenever you kill players as a zombie, they drop a syringe and gather two of these to join your squad again.

All Hallows' Eve
While playing Modern Warfare multiplayer, you can see any Operator's head turn into a jack-o-lantern across various modes from Gunfight to Ground War when they score at least three kills in one life, new specialist bonus for a Killstreak.

All Hallows' Eve brings out two new game modes for multiplayer; Onslaughter and Snipers Only. A pumpkin head wearing Juggernaut suit will randomly spawn somewhere within map for your fellow squad members to escort to a goal area.

Onslaughter Multiplayer Mode

Expect to come under heavy minigun fire as opposing group when confronted by a rival party in a Juggernaut suit. Your only chance to survive and win three Onslaughter rounds is to work as a team if your crewmates are on defensive side.

In a Team Deathmatch variant mode, players are allowed to choose from five pre-built loadouts for Snipers Only. Any group of sharpshooter that hits a target score of having more kills without dying too much per match will secure victory.

Haunting of Verdansk Contents

Recent update lets Modern Warfare players on PC platform choose to install select contents, so that they can save some storage space. Pick up latest packs that you want for a new download or uninstall parts by using launcher.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone to introduce a new Ghost skin and few additional themed bundles in store for Halloween. Haunting of Verdansk event to continue for about two weeks and will run until November 3, 2020.