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Outriders Dev Promises to Explain Server Crash

People Can Fly team has promised to explain reasons behind recent server issues of Outriders at launch.

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Outriders Dev Promises to Explain Server Crash

One of the highly-anticipated releases of 2021, third-person shooter Outriders from developer People Can Fly and publisher Square Enix has debuted across all major platforms lately, only to face with unexpected server issues at launch.

Earlier this week, players were having trouble connecting and Outriders dev team was forced to take down servers temporarily. People Can Fly has yet to share what caused this mess and they promised to address this issue once they fix it.

Outriders servers were taken down for maintenance due players been reporting of connectivity issues that they were facing earlier. Moreover, some people have faced trouble regarding cross-play functionality between different platforms.

People Can Fly apologized to fans for any inconvenience and attempts to fix whatever is causing such troubling issues. They also assured to reveal more specific details in near future on official Twitter account after they take care of them.

Outriders developer studio has promised fans an explanation about what went wrong once they solve it.

Outriders has seen a massive player-count at launch day and became biggest Square Enix game on Steam. It was also available for all active subscribers of Xbox Game Pass on day-one, adding another huge number of players on console.

Outriders features an engaging campaign mode aside from ongoing server issues and dev team has already hinted at possibility of future DLCs. People Can Fly continues working hard to bring players back online and maintain server stability.