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Final Fantasy 16 Won't Be at Tokyo Game Show 2021

Square Enix won't be showing another new trailer for upcoming Final Fantasy XVI until it is close to release.

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Final Fantasy XVI Won't Be at Tokyo Game Show 2021

Announced during PlayStation 5 Showcase Event in 2020, upcoming action role-playing game Final Fantasy XVI from developer/publisher Square Enix and is confirmed to be timed exclusive for Sony's next generation of console systems.

Surprisingly, Square Enix Showcase Event didn't feature next mainline Final Fantasy game at E3 2021 stream and fans who expected to get a look at FFXVI are likely to be disappointed since it won't show up at Tokyo Game Show 2021 either.

FFXVI producer Naoki Yoshida attended a long-livestream for Final Fantasy XIV earlier, where he was asked whether Final Fantasy 16 will be shown at TGS 2021 and he responded by saying that FF16 isn't going to make an appearance after all.

Naoki Yoshida also confirms that development is going smoothly and voice recording is almost done along with other aspects. Yoshida won't show any new footage unless he is pleased with quality and therefore, he skipped TGS 2021 event.

Yoshida's response was later translated into English and shared on social media by Twitter user aitaikimochi.

Final Fantasy XVI is going back to its high-fantasy series roots and being developed by FFXIV dev team. Square Enix has opted for an action-RPG style gameplay of modern FF games rather than more traditional turn-based style of past games.

FFXVI takes place in a fictional fantasy world of Valisthea, comprised of six nations and a crystal mountain of Mothercrystals. Its plot setting revolves around lead character Clive Rosfield going after dark Eikon named Ifrit following an incident.

Final Fantasy XVI producer Naoki Yoshida clarifies his position regarding new trailer release at TGS 2021.

I'm not holding back more information just for the sake of it, but rather I want the next information to be something that will "convince everyone to buy the game." The visual quality is a given but battles, and other unannounced major features will be included, and I want to present it like "Bam!" So nothing new until I'm satisfied.

Yoshida also added in a previous statement that he don't want to reveal more of Final Fantasy 16 as he wants to surprise everyone. He believes, revealing too much half-baked content too soon often times can led to major disappointment.

Final Fantasy XVI not being showcased at Tokyo Game Show is a huge let down for all franchise fans but it's been a year since FFXVI was revealed and many highly-anticipated video games are being delayed due to ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.